Tired of being tired and in a constant state of overwhelm? Wondering what happened to your own path and vitality? You are in the right place!

Your story inspires us to keep creating our podcast of world parent stories, Midlife health and pregnancy on Youtube, and soon “live virtual parent programs!”

.The 1st program’s wait list is opening, soon! Would you like a freebie while you wait in line?

Great, I’ll send you a free resource to kickstart your own Midlife Pregnancy Journey! ! Just click the button below,“ Yes, send me 7 steps“(to midlife pregnancy) and you can get rolling..

More programs coming your way as we move into 2021 to help you “Dive into your beautiful Imperfection”, grow it, connect with it and expand it into your business/your own unique family experience that will energize and align your health and daily life.

When it all blends together

We’re getting you to what you love through being you, while growing health and your family, naturally.

Some days, are just hard. Some are fantastic. We all just need to come together to find the way! Across the world, we are different and the same.

Below, I was honored to coach a group of women in UAE and Lebanon around current issues and parenting.

the above was an honor. I hope you also enjoy it.

When you’re doing what you’re meant to, supporting your life, more present for your family, your soul, AND serving others, then you’re there. The ultimate destination… fulfillment, on your “whole path”:

Work doesn’t feel like work and you have quality of life with your family, you’re energized and your health is aligned with your soul.

Being in deep integrity and purpose both as a parent and person on the planet is essential.

You got this!

Have a beautifully Imperfect Day.

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How to juggle home and work life during lockdown by guest writer Jessica Kelly

The COVID-19 lockdown is an extremely challenging time for parents. Not only do they have to deal with the stress and uncertainty of the pandemic, but many are in the difficult position of trying to work from home and look after children who are off school at the same time. With your work colleagues on …

About us

Hey!  We’re shifting you from “madness” to “I got this!” with podcasts,“Imperfect Creative Action”, parent programs and more..to keep you moving forward on your path to greater parent health and vitality!! Empathy!  Inspiration!  New energy! Sharing world parenting and entrepreneur ideas so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Mats and I can’t stop tripping over crap on the floor and getting trapped in other parents’ assumptions.  Yet, as European life echos behind us, and we grow our world in Northern California, new things emerge and we breathe into Imperfect Parenting, we’ve decided to release NEW Programs for you, just click the button below, “YES, I WANT TO BE 1ST!” and you’ll get the 1st list of upcoming programs, a say in what comes next, and 1st choice!

Years of travel and learning, growing, coaching and exploring taught me the beauty and potential of growing something from the start. Adding in a young child has been the twist that keeps the challenge of staying focused, as a daily practice in patience and inventiveness, just to keep moving forward. Perfection destroys mindset. Mindfulness, presence, acceptance and mindset are in constant motion, working to regain balance, quality of life and a thriving business which gives us the freedom which we enjoy.

Mats is from Stockholm, worked as an executive in German IT Stock exchange and is now re-starting life path and thankfully our sound editor, coach, consultant and (Mostly) grounded dad who supports this project as he grows his own.  He is the roots that let us grow and semi-silently partners in this IP (Imperfect Parenting) project as he re-grows his own life path here in U.S..

Have a Beautifully Imperfect Day!