“Older moms, fertility- Witches night, May Day and hope”

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Fertility is more than doctors, pills and praying. Though perhaps that is a route for some. We took another route, “natural & destiny” and maybe as well a kiss under a tree and an angel blessing or 2. As it’s that time of year. We honor aspects of the rituals happening in these 2 days, where fertility, spring and making space for something new all collide. Age knows no limits, here. Have hope, explore the traditions and scroll to the bottom for more words on possibility for family at any age.

“Letting go” on Witches Night

In various parts of Europe, on the last day of April, festival huts rise and activities for families are all around and in the evening the fires begin to burn. We like to write on little papers all we want to release and let go of on one side and what we want to allow in starting on May day, on the other side:). It is a beautiful ritual we share with whoever is with us.

Burning away what we let go of and energizing that which we open our hearts to.

For us, it is a burning away of the old, the past, the things we need to be ready to let go of, to make space for the new phase, era, new attitude. It is not about getting rid of all of your past, but letting go of the energy that we allow to hold us back from our best selves, best parent-self and that frees us to leap fully into our gifts and share them with family and the world.

Springing forward into the light and growth

Of course, we can do this at any point of the year, any day, night or moment. Yet, there is something about the hope and explosive growth of spring, all the light and newness that breeds the feeling of “possibility and belief”. So, grab on with both hands, and go for the ride, be willing to jump of that cliff into the unknown with knowledge that the Universe will take care and you WILL be a better parent, person and uses your honored gifts as the days and weeks go forward. We just need to step out of our own way.

As we do expand into our best selves, we will see the spiral up of our kids, and quietly guide them on their own way to the same.

Going at it alone, or with a partner.. there is no space for doubt.. allow what is meant to be.


May day in Letna, 1st good luck kiss.

May Day, the 1st of May, has not always held meaning for me. Thanks to travel and moving to Czech Republic, things have literally blossomed. I am a little less worried about becoming “dried up” if not kissed under a blossom tree, however that said, rain or shine, I never miss the opportunity for abundance, good luck and a kiss from my sweet love:).

Northern California

The occasional May Pole in a park, maybe in Sebastopol or somewhere close by, in the name of spring, multi-cultural celebration or a local Waldorf School’s gathering of kids weaving colored ribbons, through dance.

But, before I came to the Czech Republic for the 1st time, I had no idea what true tradition and “believing” could actually mean.

Czech Republic Traditions

May Day in Czech Republic changed me forever. Maybe I just like the traditional kiss under a blossom tree (preferably a cherry tree on Petrin hill, but who’s picky?!). The thought of being “all dried up” sounds fairly hideous. Yet, why would we ever shy away from more good luck?! And, if fertility is important to you, this is also part of the whole ritual.. to be “abundant and such”. I am sure any one of you could write in or comment below and give us more details. These are the bits I like the most and stand out for me.

Swedish Traditions

Honestly, Mats doesn’t remember there being much of a tradition. Though he has recently looked up on Google and been reminded that Sweden has its own version of witches night, though not called that. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a tradition for May day that was more than just “demonstrations”, but who knows! Though just over a month later, “Midsommer” is where most Swedes lay their energy. That and because likely the weather would be a bit better by that time:).

Fertility: Mind-body powerful medicine

Without a doubt, we are not taking away from anyone’s experience. And, just because we had a wonderful experience at nearly 50, doesn’t mean everyone will. Yet, I do believe that my own belief that my age had nothing to do with the health of my pregnancy or child or even ability to become pregnant DID have it’s effect.

That said, for my own nerves and balance, I did do acupuncture and Chinese herbs and Thai massage before, during and after my pregnancy and there is certainly something there. Balancing of organs, hormones and nervousness that everyone was so fatalistic about “older mom” pregnancy was a bit unsettling and acupuncture helped that A LOT.

*If you are in Prague and want to know the amazing people we worked, with, just write in comments below, or to our email address and we are happy to share our bounty of good people with you!

Intuitive Fertility

In the end, each family, or person, must decide for themselves, the best way to move forward with making their family. We are not judging or trying to push you in any way.

We have shared pieces of our experience in various podcasts and it is our version which works with our values, beliefs and hearts.

Ultimately, your story, your gut or intuition is what will guide you, must guide you. Collect ALL information from as many sources as possible: Doctors, friends, inner knowing, alternative therapy people, your spiritual beliefs or religions and on and on and decide not with your mind, but with your inner knowledge. You WILL find the right way, for YOU.

We wish you a safe and wonderful journey full of joy, beautiful spring blossoming of souls and experiences. Reach out to us, anytime

Mindfulness tool of the week:

Attracting fertility: Sit somewhere calm, close your eyes, if you have the inclination, bring someone you love or would like to give you good luck, go beneath a blossom tree and get kissed, fall in love with your life, see that which is blooming and offering you the best version of yourself and allow things to unfold. “May day!”

Question of the week:

What good luck or energy growing rituals does your family or you celebrate, this or other days in the year?

Have a Beautifully Imperfect Parenting Day.

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