Creatively reshaping work to fit motherhood-Karolina (Dobrovska) Kvas: Part 2

How many moms struggle with making their work fit with their family lives?

Anyone raising their hands? I am! At the start, when Ella was really small, it was so much easier as I could occupy her or drag her around where I needed to. As well, people were way more up for hanging with her and distracting her, because, she wasn’t saying, “no way! I don’t want to do that” , like now. Yet, things still need to get done. We still have passions, dreams and work to do, in and out of the house. So, we have to get creative to keep moving forward on our own paths.

Thinking beyond what we think we know

We have to think beyond what we know to effectively re-shape our work and path to effectively fit our family lives. You have a right to keep your dreams, doing what you love and enjoy! Yet. to find the way, you need to listen to people like Karolina and our other guests to expand your mind as to what it truly possible.. We often can only see what we already know, mixed in the our limiting beliefs. So, to say the least, it’s tricky. After speaking with Karolina and watching for signs..I also made some leaps and jumps in new directions.

Thanks to Karolina.. I got brave too..

In truth.. I am internal and a lot steps along the way take a lot of energy.. Healer heal thyself, right?! I love my work with coaching, yet since Ella, doing one on one face to face and having the same focus between sessions is much different, so.. shifting how to do things in a more global, kids friendly way is the only way forward. I too get stuck and especially when too much change and drama around. Speaking with Karolina and hearing how she is doing her tarot and coaching long distance and her videos ..opened a door in my mind, creating new inspirations to be more brave..

In fact, I had been recording videos along with the podcast here and there since last year, but none with me in and I was too shy to do much with what I had done. Saving .. for later.. I recorded many videos, recently and just looked and realized they were done 2 hours after I spoke to Karolina! I had forgotten that in my mom fog. You know the truth? I was always terrified of doing videos.. then.. So.. I encourage you as well. Look, listen, gather information from others that might push your passion through with family reality! You just might be surprised how much is waiting to come forward to bring you joy and help others (well, I Hope helpful:).

Hair also takes on a new look!

Our path and work shifts with family reality

As we overburdened parents who once had a clear path, have discovered, we simply can’t work in the same way and be fully present in our kids lives. To have both path and child(ren).. requires new thinking and your own flexibility.

Have you already found some strategies? Looking for new inspirations?

Come join the IP Inner Circle and share your ideas; dive in with us.. inspire and be inspired by others. As well, I will be doing a free live coaching event in the next weeks as the group grows! I can’t wait to meet all of you and hear and see what you are up to.. sharing passions.

For now, have a listen to karolina, this week and have a real, raw and open chat.

Would you like to connect with Karolina (Dobrovska) Kvas and all she is doing out in the world?



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