You are never too old to be a mom….

I was on my way to 50 when I gave birth to my daughter. No IVF. An amazing pregnancy. All worth it.

2020 is about YOU feeling good in your mom life in all that you do with yourself and your family.. and I want to be a part of that.. Come join our LIVE Fast Fridays every week in our Facebook Community and more.

Imperfect Parenting Podcast and blog is about getting YOU where you want to be as a parent, , expanding understanding and empathy for ourselves, our families and others through offering tools, thoughts and perspectives from all around the world to grow you into the fullness of yourself that you, your family and the world most craves and needs.

IP is much more than just an imperfect podcast and blog sharing parenting world stories. Listen up every Wednesday to podcast. Or, join Fast Fridays live with Ariel Andersson, in our Facebook group.

This year is about fully being yourself in a way that brings you joy and feeds both you and the world as you are destined.

Have a beautifully Imperfect Day.

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Eric and Perka -Flash back 1 year of Imperfect Parenting -part 2

Dads roles in family Of course, there are exceptions. Our two dads from podcast just happen to have similar roles with their kids. And, as well in their different style to their ex wives. Communication with exes Communication with any ex is never 100% easier, in any kind of break up. Yet, dads have it …

About us

Hey, we are Ariel and Mats,  tri-country parents-podcasters-writers+ who go beyond the smiles of social media and get real with ExtraOrdinary world parents about what makes parenting, imperfectly, joyful and maddening.

We started IP, to give us all the community, we truly need.  A place to be “us” without judgement (or not too much) and a place to re-grow our dreams.

As we move toward a new life, we reshape and get clearer, each day.  We have come to realize that our work is about keeping us all in true purpose and on our path, within the all consuming reality of parenting. This is our direction.  

Mats is our sound editor, grounded dad with work still evolving into we don’t know what, yet.  He is the roots that let us grow and semi-silently partners in this IP project.

Ariel is a mom and Conscious Family, Life and Business coach who enjoys young daughter at home, is slowly getting more brave about sharing daily life and world stories from all of you, as she attempts to not get lost in toddler input overload. 

Both Ariel and Mats can’t stop tripping over crap on the floor and getting trapped in other parents assumptions.  Never ending sorting, donating and packing and unpacking life away is a bit overwhelming. Yet, as our European life echos behind us as we move into Northern California life and new things grow, we breathe into parenting even differently than before. 

Let’s have fun and deepen our connection together and with family and friends, amidst whatever life chaos is floating our way. 

We are working to create better lives and we are out here, to help you do the same.

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