Author, Marla Stahl, inspires dreams, kindness and altruism through Woof books

Marla Stahl and Lucy inspire us on Imperfect Parenting. Altruism through books! Listen and win a book!

Inspiring woman, inspires 1st Wednesday Tradition shift

This month’s 1st Wednesday is usually “Older Mom” topics. However, I am mixing it up with “inspiring elder mom, Marla Stahl“! When you hear this podcast, you will see what “action and inspiration” can create. You will want to take time for your own projects to make them come alive. And, you will want your own rescue dog and Woof book to pass on to a kid you know! You will also want to meet this inspiring lady. So, come listen and let us know what your own inspiring story is!

3 grown kids and so many great stories that make your heart and creativity bloom from within, as you hear her. An incredible woman and wonderful to talk with.

Hello, Sugar.. and Marla Stahl

How are dreams and kindness and a 63 year old woman/mom creating a better world?

Marla is full of life and joy and it shines through the podcast as she tells her stories of rescue dog muses who brought to light and put into motion stories that now touch people/ kids lives, opening them to kindness and possibility.

Marla Stahl is an inspiration! How many of you have ideas and wonderful moments with dogs, animals or moments in the world .., yet never quite get up the courage to take the next steps. Marla, shows us that dreams can come true!

Sugar kisses Marla Stahl

What’s your dream?

What is the dream you most want to create? What is stopping you?! Today, take one step toward a dream you have had on your mind and heart for a while. One, small step, anything.

Who inspires you in your life? Friend, family or furry encourager, whoever is out there, let yourself hear their words and cuddles of kindness and belief in your dream and see what happens next, just as you open your heart to whatever is meant to happen next!

Mason and Marla Stahl

What else is Marla up to?

Marla is doing programs in Schools, teaching about kindness, animals and more.

How can I see Marla? Marla lives in Maryland, USA. So, if you are lucky to be living close, perhaps you can invite her to be at your kids school or an organization! Or, perhaps there will be future events yet unknown to all of us, to help things forward with Woofbooks and Marla’s vision.

I can’t wait to see what comes next..or rather, who!!

WIN ONE OF MARLA’S WOOF BOOKS in next 2 weeks! * contest ended*

SEND US YOUR DOG STORY! All you have to do to enter the drawing for one of Marla’s Woof Books, is send us an email/recorded message about a moment with your own dog or rescue dog that brings you joy. Or, moment with a dog/pet and teaching kindness etc with family/kids, kindness and animals. (Please, limit to 1/2 to 1 page, or a few minutes if a recorded message on our Facebook Group:)

*Send your stories to: info@imperfect

*Contest finished*

Organizations Marla supports with her woof books .

How to contact Marla and buy her books:

Marla’s Woofbook page

All of Marla’s wonderful books!

Finding Marla on Amazon

Have a wonderfully imperfect day full of kindness to animals.

Where kindness lives.
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  1. Marla, you have a wonderful website. We will spread the word in Tulsa to all of our dog loving friends. I have a short ‘dog story’ that I will send you later. Keep up the great work.

    1. Hi, Doug! Just now seeing your message. Thanks so much for your kind words, and for spreading the word! Looking forward to your story! Be well!

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