I don’t know about you, yet I find that life just feels better when most things I do serve more than one purpose, right?

Save time.

Less to do.

Save energy.

Pumps up energy

Feels so good!

How often do YOU do this?

Personally, I’ve been doing this my whole life.  Maybe starting from when I was a small child and I would be asked to help empty the car after a big trip with my mum.  I liked saving time, impressing my mom, helping her and making a game out of it.  So, I would take as much as I could in one load, arms, over full, unable to see my feet as I walked down the stairs and across the bridge to our place.  I was laughing the whole time!

Imagine if you could do this (with your kids too, so you pass on the skill and joy of it), in what you need to do throughout the week and days?  Life, would be changed.

Honestly, I think this comes naturally to you, as a mom, parent etc.. as time crunches in on you with the realities and all the moving parts inside of a family.  Yet, the truth is, when you are tired, have a lack of sleep, or are overwhelmed with transition or too many people’s needs, this can too easily get lost in the mix.

So, today, as a little challenge, what can you do that will have multi-purposes, so you can save time, get a hit of energy and have a little fun?  AND, how can you get your kids involved too?!

Remember, that help and receiving help (as imperfect as it may come most days), is sooo important for you.. RECEIVING.. and getting HELP AND, allowing your kids to build their confidence, feel like an active part of the family.. not always being SERVED and sorted (though they need that nurturing somethings and it as well feels good to give it and be needed, right?)..

Life can be good, better, more fun as a parent.. and now, more than ever, as you move toward the holidays, getting this in action is going to make for MUCH nicer days and nights inside your family madness.

Send me a note to: and let me know what multi-do you did this week?! I’d love to hear all about it!

Have a beautiful Multi-DO day!

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