Growing ourselves and girls consciously and with ritual with Jayasri Nagrale – India

As mothers it can be so often that our daily lives with children can blur the realities of work. Yet, Jayasri has managed to continue on both her path of motherhood and tech work within all that comes with daily life. And, her efforts to grow confidence and Emotional Intelligence in her daughter, early on, very much aligns with my own world and value system. So, needless to say it was a delight to exchange with her and share thoughts, ideas and experiences with each other and all of you. Top of the list for me was our discussions around rituals and realities at home.

Work to live (well)

You know that saying, Do you “work to live or live to work?” Being a mom, working and creating and keeping the priority on our kids is an on going balance. In general, it can happen that it slips one way or another. Yet, ultimately, I am sure that you are doing your best to keep to the “live well” and let work support it moto. Though I know you may not have to work all the time, it does feel so good when there is something that you are passionate about. And, even when the passion is.. sorting payments and keeping a good life, well, on the way to “purpose” that is what we need to feel relaxed and is also part of the process until “side hustle” becomes “life hustle”.

What activities do you share with your kids?

Jayasri and her daughter like to create together. Her daughter likes to create things with animals. They as well do their rituals each day together which brings joy and no doubt deeper connection.

What do you share with your kids? What beliefs, rituals and fun activities bring you joy together?

Sometimes, it’s the activity and fun we can make with things in daily life that have the longest memories. It’s not always about Disneyland and things we buy. Those are bonus’ that kids get on top of “time shared with us”. Activities like cooking together and even cleaning .. can be made fun.. and as the months go on .. you will see more and more of that from here as I have sooo much to share (after this mad moving craze is over!).

Do you do rituals at home?

Jayasri has her daily bath ritual saying confidence words, building her up and hoping she will be an entrepreaur like her mom. Super cool. Its the favorite . Jayasri has her vision board on her phone on Pinterest.. for all the things she wants to manifest.. sees every photo and puts a lot of energy and emotions in it for the 1st 3 minutes. It’s helped a lot. Her agency is doing well from this vision and manifesting things. Morning pages. Not every day, but every week. She just sits and writes. Empties junk and clears way for day. More than 50% of her journaling is more channeling. She receives more when her head is clear.

Some physical activity, as well. Listening to some podcast each day. MindVally Mentoring membership. And, her podcast about learning and growing something.

What food we eat, makes a difference in the day. Important to eat right.

We grab things on the go, too often. I know, right?! Yet, if we can keep things around, or prep them in the moments we have more time, then, we are supporting our lives so well for the next drama or moment when energy needed.

Our growth journey spills out onto our kids

As a mom on a conscious path, you probably already know that your path ripples onto your family, regardless if we are directly meaning for it to, or not.. The most challenging and amazing part of being a parent doing best to be on an aware path is that the constant awareness of what you do and who you are is a daily journey of mutual learning with your kids. Jayasri spoke about keeping open and allowing encouraging words into your own life.. along with positive self talk and how it attracts goodness and big things happen when you keep to it. Her daily rituals with self and daughter light the way for the abundant life she is growing.

Your money beliefs and attitudes, old and new, also soak into your kids

If your kids take it all in, then that means all those discussions at home about finances and money decisions…yep, they are soaking it in Those early years, your kids are paying attention to all the discussions, arguments, victories and worries and these things imprint on them for life! Ah! No pressure! Right? As someone who constantly is in ups and downs with cash flow and work realities because growth, learning and taking on new things sparks my soul, I can only imagine what our daughter is taking in. Yet, I love manifesting things, so I can only hope that El realizes what’s possible in all directions. Right now, we are in an eb, and are working toward peace and full abundance, again. These transition moments are where all kinds of things shake loose!

What stories are you passing on? Care to share? Write in comments or to our email and we can read them on the show anonymously!:)

Jayasri’s secret to motherhood and own path success?

From our conversation, I would strongly say that her ability to keep her purpose, grow the same and more within her daughter and keeping her rituals both for work and personal life, make all the difference. Eating well, keeping as conscious as possible and being keeping to her promises to herself inspired me.

One of the greatest challenges as a mom is your time to do the things that held meaning for you, right? There are so many things in those early years, especially, which get shoved to the side for “later”.. which rarely comes. Until a day comes where something wakes you up and you start taking those things back! Yes! What goodness and incredible food and more for your kids.

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So, today, I challenge you.. to take back 1 thing.. it can be small.., but 1 thing that you have been missing.. and keep it around.. Do it, even if only a few minutes a day.. Something, just for you.

For reminder of mom meditations to re-ignite your own practice both alone and with your kids, let’s come back to our lovely ladies of body, mind and spirit.

Have a beautifully imperfect day with ritual and that thing.. just for you..

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