A little space – on the road in Australia -Jana Chan

What do all of us need, once in a while, whether on the road or at home?

Space for mom = Time for us to expand into who we truly are and what we need and to create.

Now 6 months on the road, life has come to light the way more clearly..

Now, house sitting, Jana sometimes misses the “little space”.

The joys and challenges of being a mom on the road with your family are in constant eb and flow, like the ocean tides and waves. Motherhood is challenging on its own and we can so easily get lost in the mix at home or on the road. Yet, how do we move through this to the other side of the darker days?

Traveling within, or out.. in the world..

Wherever you are.. traveling or at home, the beauty, color, culture, meeting new people, teaching family new things and the adventure of the unknown is around every corner.. if we feel it like this. Yet, small spaces 24/7, taking your home wherever you go, being at the mercy of weather, or intense schedules and , let’s be honest.. each other’s moods.. can affect clear vision and feeling of our own value, needs and lives as moms and women on the planet (men too, I know:).

Space for mom

Jana was alone on and off and suddenly left to herself a lot and for a while (in pas podcasts) we could hear the struggle and intentions. Support, sleep, hiccups in plans and so on can turn a great day, gray. Yet, how we decide to create space for ourselves and the kind of days and life you want.. well.. that is up to you. Jana guides the way, through her laughter, realness and offering of authenticity, reminding us it IS possible to make space for ourselves. As well, that sometimes, what we want turns out to show us that we in fact, value what you have even more than expected. Sometimes, a small space is exactly what we need and is more manageable than a large space (as Jana mentioned off the recording!)

In small spaces

You get to know each other better as a family and there are both good things and bad that go with that. Imperfect Parenting shines through in these days in the caravan. It Is important to remind us of things as things are more intensified. So important to show that you are failing sometimes. 

Talking about reality. On surface and social media..  Of course, life is good.. its amazing..  but, also behind the scenes can be hard.

Caravanning is great and also challenging. A new 24/7 reality goes beyond anything you normally have at home with more space even when you are together a lot.

Its hard what you get used to being together.. then partner goes back to work.. its hard.

On the road reality when alone

Overall.. If you are up for 6 months in a caravan .. go for it.. if you feel it.. 100% adventure in multiple directions.

Jana.. needs something calming for next weeks as Michael needs to work.

Sometimes, the financial piece is tricky.  Michal flies to work flexibly.

She doesn’t feel good about it. Yet.. what do you do? You keep moving forward in each day.

Even away from home, Jana has managed to find her local Czech/Slovak community which is like coming home, in a way. Little Tom is getting his Czech now and English will come later. Having community anywhere is such a key piece to feeling balance and relaxation with your own language and culture.

House sitting for more grounded space seems to do a lot of good and made Jana appreciate what was working. Always good to get a reality check, which any travel away from home gives you.. even when your home is parked out front!

What a power-full experience.

Standing still with more space

Nice to house sit and be still. To feel space and play with animals and give experiences to her little Tom.

It’s a good feeling. Nice to have space enough to invite friends over, to enjoy a meal, sit around and have perhaps even more privacy. And, lovely energy of people sharing their homes. Jana amazed me with how she is able to connect in with a lot of play groups wherever she is (Facebook showing value there) and so life has continuity wherever they are. I admire that, as so often it’s hard to find the right groups or energy and organization to meet those groups in your own town.

There are huge benefits to see kids interacting with others, animals etc.  Get him out of comfort zone.  Before less interactive.

Connections across the ocean

Jana was happy to see she had connected Karolina and I simply through talking with both of us. And, we had so much fun talking with one another! I had Karolina on. And, in next weeks, you will hear me on her show (link will come when she launches the podcast and I will as well put it on the site here in a new area.)

Karolina and I had a lovely exchange and I am ever grateful for the connection, inspiration and life shifting conversations and exchange. Life is full with unexpected surprises. The butterfly effect is real.

Isn’t it amazing how we all affect one another’s lives with who we are? Without “trying to create something”.. we create a ripple effect which enhances the world of the people around us! THIS IS WHAT WE ARE AFTER. THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR YOU.

Realizations for a better mom life

*We all are so imperfect. Thank goodness for that! Learning and living keep life worth living.

*Take pause: You have to break from only having life be about your child and family. All must be in balance. Doing what you love is important and vital for your peaceful and fulfilled existence.

*Find your joy. If mom is unhappy, it’s frustrating and not too much fun .. for the whole family..

*We must take care of our bodies and souls.

*Deep breath and Exhale.

*Get out there and explore.

What’s next for Jana and family?

Hopes it will continue in good way.

They are still looking for their place.

Now 6 months.. and now realizes not ready to settle down.

WA after cz xmas

Dark day meditation/visualizations:

Give this visualization a try. *We also have some in Czech and Spanish, if you go to the podcast.

Be kind to yourself and have a beautifully imperfect day.

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