Morning rituals and meditations for parents to stay their own course

As spring pops forward, we start to dream and hope, again. Light fills our homes and hearts and gardens and things begin to grow. As this starts to happen, so many get hopeful and then frustrated, with the never-ending constantness of work/life demands and the tensions grow. So, this week’s flashback, it seems quite fitting to come back to these 2 lovely ladies and their ideas and practices of mindfulness, meditation, somatic knowledge of body and more.

Family life and staying the course of our own path is not always an easy task. When you want to be present for kids, partner and your circle of life, there is often little room for your passion and purpose. Most people give up for a few years, or permanently .. and often get frustrated with the situation and it can ripple out the kids, partner and all parts of life. Often, we don’t even realize it’s happening, and suddenly, you barely recognize yourself, snapping at the ones you love, feeling put upon and more.

Coming back to mindfulness practices, like morning rituals and somatic (or other meditations), can truly change the way you view and experience the world around you and your own life. It’s been life-changing for me and for our family. (no, not perfect. We still have ugly moments and snaps, yet I can only imagine what it would be like without the morning rituals and meditation.

Have a beautifully imperfectly mindful day!

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