Episode 11: Imperfect Parenting Podcast – Family Mindfulness and meditations with Jana Purandevi Huberova -Czechia

Imperfect parenting Podcast: Episode 11: Part 1-5:
Jana Purandevi Huberova

The value of mindfulness and Meditation, for our familiesL

Poslechněte podcast + české meditace pro rodiče a pro děti

Listen to the podcast + English meditations for parents and for kids

No matter what our belief systems are, mindfulness, times for quiet, peace, re-balancing, meditation and visualization for less chaos in our minds and bodies is gift to ourselves to be more present, healthy and joyful. This podcast, and the downloadable treasures we separated out for you, are little moments to put in your pocket for when you can give you and your family a moment.

Jana and Ariel discuss why this podcast was so important for Ariel for all of us here as people and parents. We all have busy lives. And, unfortunately, as well, it seems even small kids have the same.

Background of Jana and Ariel’s connection

Ariel and Jana know each other from teaching at the International School of Prague. Both worked with all kinds of kids in multiple ages with varied experiences. We as well found out one day that they had both spent time in Strilky, some hours outside of Prague in an Ashram that he Yoga guide created. This is where Jana’s journey through Yoga for Daily Life and meditation evolved and continues to evolve as she teaches for many of us in English. Jana has spent time in Austalia as well and We also made connection through the World Peace Conference. And, later we have supported one another in our out practices and lives evolving.

What is in this week’s unusual 5 part episode?

This week, we talk about mindfulness in part 1 of the the podcast. Then, we have 4 more parts. 1st 2 are English meditations. 1 for Parents/guardians to give themselves some space and balance. 2nd is for parents and smaller kids to connect in with each other, have a calm moment and remind kids and ourselves the importance of grounding in between all the activities, cleaning and more that the days and activities demand of us. We do the same for our Czech audience since we are living in Czech. And, though I will not be writing in Czech, at this time as I wouldn’t want to torture the dear locals. Who knows what the future might bring.

Imperfect Parenting Podcast:Episode 11: Family Mindfulness and meditations with Jana Purandevi Huberova of Czechia
Jana’s guided meditation: Imperfect Parenting Podcast Episode 11

What inspired the Mindfulness podcast with Jana?

After a session with Jana, Ariel and Ella, not only did Ariel feel more connected to self and balance, peace and the Earth, but Ella was deeply effected. Each day after, Ella dragged out the yoga mat, asked Ariel to lie down and did a bit of yoga and as well, asked for Ariel to lie down and she did a visual imagery session and healing. It blew our minds! She was so cool and a lot more came into her during her grumpy, pre-nap time during the yoga session the day before, than we could ever have realized. It struck me, hard!

So, it was natural that we needed to not only do a meditation for grown ups to have some peace. But, it was a MUST that there be one to include kids, as well. The value was clear.

The signs

I was delighted that Jana went for the signs and my craziness in wanting to do kids inside of all of this. Things were in beautiful alignment as Jana had been contemplating how to share her gifts and I was so happy we could start this journey together. I saw signs all around that both kids and adults need down time and ourselves included. So, why not be a part of bringing this to others!

And, funny enough, yesterday, as we were finalizing the episodes, I heard the final sign and my heart started pounding. I was listening to Cathy Heller’s Podcast and she had a guest who started “Unplugged” meditation studio in LA.. and her story confirmed I wasn’t crazy to do this today. (Links soon:)

Why a 5 parter?

Each Episode HAD to be downloadable on it’s own. We wanted multiple languages and start with Czech as we are living in Prague, Czech Republic. The hope is that people would listen to part 1 and get the story, the, download the 2 meditations in the language they are the most comfortable with for free moments when they would most need it. It needed to be a small thing to put in pocket for the moments we could give, like after dropping kids at school, when they take their naps or we are waiting to pick them up, or whenever.

The hope

The hope is that can be apart of bringing balance and peace practices to help us all do what we can to keep sane in this chaos we call family and life. We suggest doing these meditations early in the morning or after dropping kids off, when the mind is looser. As well, it could be dine at your child’s 1st nap, when the mind is often more open and relaxed or when it works. By design, these meditations are available when space allows.

Our Vision

Over time, there will be more mindfulness practices, tools, meditations and more in various languages for us to share with our friends and listeners. We dream to make available you and kids and many others, that which allows us to feel better, more relaxed, more connected, happier, clearer, more joyful and full of gratitude and peace and inspiration for our lives. Why not?!

Mindfulness Conclusion

There is a mindful practice out there that fits all our lives, beliefs and circumstances. We will always have some things free for all to enjoy. We hope to contribute to bettering each day in one way or another. Being on the planet can be rough at times, taking moments to rest our minds and bodies just makes us better big and small people, able to manage emotions, conflict, long to do lists and more. This is the end, today, yet only the beginning.

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