Joy, Passion and Expectations

Regardless of how enlightened and conscious you think you are as a person on this planet.. expectations float into every day..

(If your relationship is rolling beautifully and all is sweetly affectionate, full of love, sex, beauty, joy, cuddles, dates, energy, health, wealth and all the goodness without any awful, frustrating moments, then.. forget reading this at all:).

Whatever your path, you may relax into on a given day.. there are still these unexpected moments where something shifts and you realize “this is NOT OK”!

It’s often preceded by an expectation (or hope) of someone/your partner understanding and responding to your needs.

Love language misunderstanding?  Maybe.

Laziness?  Probably.

Taking you for granted?  Perhaps.

It’s not about love.  Someone forgetting things that are important to you, that you have expressed clearly.. and still somehow fall into last on the list.. nope.. it’s not about love.. it’s about expectations..

Dangerous little buggers, they ARE!

Yet, it’s about the deeper connection to passion and joy that is ruled and guided by YOU and.. let’s face it.. often about clear boundaries and standing up for your own needs that are the real culprits.

And, that is up to you and me (whoever you and me as the ones not standing up and speaking up loudly enough and clearly enough ..are..)

It means that THEY are not in charge of your happiness.  YOU ARE.

And, that said.. they aren’t fully off the hook.  Yep, I am talking with you.. partners.. wives, husbands, lovers, loves, whatever you all call yourselves.. you know who you are..

Take the f–king time to pay attention, listen and respond.  Do MORE than we ask for.  REMEMBER what is important to us, at least a few days a year so that we get that the equality we’ve been fighting for all these years.. isn’t just about pay..

But, about equality of “CONSIDERATION”.. to “BE SEEN” is power-full.  To “SEE” is as power-full.

When we feel seen.. and considered.. so much beauty comes..

Take the time.

Mother’s Day is coming up in the US.  Remember.

And, if it’s not the same day where you are.. TAKE TIME to REMEMBER your “other” for a moment, in next days (and as often as possible).

It matters.

It’s not just a bullshit Hallmark Holiday from US.  Its about the fact that it is often Partner and kids day and friends and family and colleagues day “EVERYDAY”.. let there be more moments that the caregiver in your family.. FEELS THE LOVE for all those thousand details of things you may not even notice..

Hey.  I am just typing words across a page.

You’ll do what you do.. beautifully, lazily, shamefully, passionately..

I’m throwing thoughts to the wind, breathing, feeling, wondering .. what life would be like.. if we appreciated and loved on one another more often than we do.

It goes both ways.

Just listen.

Pay attention.

Put a thousand reminders in your calendar like you would if you were meeting with the most important person to your business or life.. because.. YOU ARE..

I wish you a beautifully Imperfect and joyfully present day.

Follow your heart, intuition and find your joy and passion.