Family Mindfulness -giving our kids and ourselves tools for daily life balance -Ariel -Solo cast-Episode 14

Imperfect Parenting Podcast Episode 14 with Ariel Andersson: Family Mindfulness techniques

Family Mindfulness as an Intention

It’s winter in the Northern Hemisphere and its driving many of us mad, truly. Of course, it doesn’t need to be winter for there to be family madness. Daily life can feel that way. Just keeping up with the many tasks, destinations, activities and more. We all want the best for our families. What we actually do to keep the calm, on a daily basis may, or may not reflect this.

We have the intentions to live consciously and well, but then life happens and busy-ness overflows onto our perfect plan and we find ourselves in a muddled reality. How do we maintain? We all have our strategies? Some work and some add to the stress.

This week, I come back to small reminders of things we can do to keep on a calm track, or a way through it all. Maybe its because were are up to our neck in it, at moment, maybe we are not alone in this. So, I come back to what is important for us and our families. This is Just my version of what works. We hope to hear yours, too!

Top 9 tips for Family De-Stressing:

  • Wash away the stress of the day with a shower at end of day, for more relaxed sleep.
  • Body sweep away the days sins and ick moments, for better evening and sleep.
  • What are you grateful for? Find anything! A minimum of 3 things:).
  • Set intentions for the day/week/month/year. 3 things you will make real, today.
  • “Change your mind”
  • Choose your reality and how you respond to that which feels out of your control
  • Keep a pocket of things at your fingertips that are sure things for mood/day changers and teach kids to have the same.
  • Breathe. 3 deep breaths changes every
  • Lead by “doing”= teach our kids a valuable life skill

Wash away the sins of the day

This is an easy, easy thing to do and a fantastic thing to teach kids! Simple and nice, especially for adults and willing kids/teens, is a short shower at the end of the day to wash away any stress and ick moments of the day. It REALLY WORKS. No joke. It’s like it is all literally going down in drain, leaving you more free to relax and sleep more restfully.

Body Sweep your day away

When life and the world around feel overwhelming or you feel over burdened, or even people are dumping their crap on you.. SWEEP IT AWAY…

I 1st heard about this from Bonnie K. in California as she was doing it with her daughter when she was very little. It’s a great tool to do and teach kids.

It is simply, using your hand to sweep the entire body from top to bottom. Top of your head down all sides of arms and flick your hands like you are getting something off of your fingertips. Same with trunk of body and down all sides of legs. Imagine there is a gentle dust (the dust of other’s energy and the crap of the day) and you are getting it off of your whole body. You can do it in one long sweeping motion or in small sweeps. Pay attention to which is most relaxing movement for you and your kids. Kids will experience it like a game when small. Older ones might think it is weird or lame, but encourage them to give it a go, even if maybe they prefer to do it on their own.

Practicing Gratitude: What are you grateful for?

This is a power-ful tool! I like to do this both at the start and end of my day, while still in bed. Find anything! Personally, I find it kicks off the day to a great start! Reminding me of the goodness of my life and it’s always connected to setting intentions for the day.. to “create the day-life you and your family deserve!” In the evening, it’s a great way to get to sleep and calm the mind. I often fall asleep doing this:). Grab what you can. No pain in body. Good teeth. My daughter can put on her own clothes now, which gives me a little more space in morning. The sun is out today. Etc, etc. Remembering the goodness, is strong medicine.

Set intentions for the day

Each day, take the time to set intentions and you will notice how life starts to unfold. Do it each day or week with your family and you might see some great things unfold. Things are happening all the time. This is a great way to feel how you can effect things in a forward moving way.

Choosing our own reality

Our frame of mind and how we respond, rather than react, to the world can help moods and effect of other people’s toxic crap. Feel empowered to actually make your own feelings! What if kids had this tool when being bullied at school or simply having a bad day?! We all need this!

top tips

Keep a pocket of mood uplifters close at hand

Keep your favorite song, movie, nice smelling candle, photos of great moments, and more, close by, in a file, on the closet door, or wherever will be the most helpful!

3 Deep breaths change everything!

Seriously. Breathe. This alone, even if you skip all the rest, will make a massive difference! If you can clear you mind at same time, even better. This is YOUR time. This will bring oxygen into your body and brain. And, you will be in the moment and in your body!

Just Do it, now!

Show our kids by doing things we talk about. Show them how it all works. And, feel the magic come day by day.

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