Episode 007: Letting go of the crap that is weighing you down

Imperfect Parenting Podcast photo: Explosive fireworks in dark sky, reminding us to let go of the crap that is weighing us down.
*New Year’s Eve Imperfect Parenting: Bonus Mini podcast: Episode 7 “Letting Go”

Letting go for abundance

It’s New Year’s, so there has to be some special ritual. Why not let go of what doesn’t serve us.

The best thing we can do for ourselves and our families, as something is coming to an end; the old year, a relationship, an era, a job.. is to “let go” of what is no longer serving us. Let go of the things, from past and present, which hold us back. Let go of that which takes our energy away and overwhelms us. Make space for new energy, new things, the unknown, that which we need more than the burdens of the obstacles we currently allow. We need to make space for what we need, while releasing that which is consuming our energy. It is the only way to go forward with peace.

How do you let go of what doesn’t serve you?

How do you let go of what doesn’t serve you in times when you get into a dark place, crappy moods and periods where hope loses over despair?

Do you wallow and lose energy? How long do you stay there? How much energy are you willing to lose to those who don’t deserve it? Do experiences, the past or people deserve so much attention and energy from your precious lives? As parents, do we have this extra energy to waste? Do we not need to find our way back to light and goodness and positivity and solutions, when our kids are depending on us and feeling every bit of what is happening?

Show not tell our kids how to survive the hard days

As parents, we not longer have the freedom to get lost in the crap. We have to find our way out, faster, for their sake. Really, for any of us, this is important, yet somehow when you know that all you do and don’t do effects our kids for life, the motivation is much higher to get our shit together. Hey, we are not perfect, bad days and getting stuck happens to the best of us. Yet, we find our strength to grow and learn and find other ways through, when we know that our kids will learn this skill for their own lives. What a gift!

The gift of energy

Oh, that lovely gift of energy. We do not always realize that we lose massive amounts of energy through the dark days we get stuck in. So, why does it happen. Maybe if we fully realized all the great things we could do and create with our families, something would shift. Hell, maybe we would be happier! And, more ideas and inspiration could come. That said, of course, we all have periods where it is REALLY hard to see or find the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet, with the intention to release that which is not serving us, there is.. well, at least HOPE. And, who of us dosen’t need more of that?!


In this mini Imperfect Parenting episode, I let go, to move forward into 2019. 2018 was tough and the realities were weighing on me (and our little family). I knew the only way have any peace was to release myself and my family from the darkness that had been shadowing us for a long while. We were doing our best, but somehow it was, and will never be, good enough for some. My husband lost his job and hasn’t been able to find work for several months, we had massively down-sized our lives and have been living in stress for a while.

We all have our own stories of loss and getting bogged down

Look, we all have our own stories that bring us down, in moments. Below, is just our version that spiraled us down for some days and then this release ritual turned it around for us.

We tried going to various places , other countries, to find work, in case it could be better, but then, came home and hoped for a chance for change which didn’t come in the way we imagined.

Sometimes life just isn’t fair, but we have to find light

What has happened that feels unfair or not right, for you? Where have you expected things to go differently? Has it come from you, others, life?

We put all our hopes into a court case, now 6 years after Mats’ divorce, to temporarily lower our payments to Mats’ 22 year old and nearly 14 year old with his mom. Yep 2 other households. He has always paid, even above and beyond what divorce demanded, so we thought with a big, unexpected life change, that life and the systems would be fair. We don’t want to have to downsize and move, again. Or, make even more drastic changes just because of money, and had hoped for some basic humanity. Yet, we were naive to think that being fair and honest would be matched with the same.

So, after efforts to find balance, we felt like we were running full force toward possibility and instead a 1000 foot wall popped up and we smashed hard into it and we sank down. And, though I couldn’t perform miracles for our family.., the very least I could do was find a new space for that which would better support us going forward, energetically with this release-cast. Hoping that if any of you divorced dads, moms or other have had some hard time, there could be inspiration, here.

In the end, we have to rise up

In the end, we must rise up. This podcast was as short reminder, for all of us.. that our kids watch and listen to all that we do, so we have to lead by example, say, “good bye” to things that don’t serve us and look forward to what comes next, even if it is uncomfortable. Kids.. don’t let us wallow.. Especially little ones. They still need diapers changed, giggles at breakfast and a break from intense emotions that stir them up without full understanding of what is happening to them. With parenting come never-ending responsibilities, including keeping balance, love and light flowing, at all costs.

What will you create for your Next Phase?  Use what you did right to raise you up.

What is key for you? What do you need to create? What do you need to find energy for? What do your kids need the most for joy and laughter? Remember all that you have done right this year to help raise you up and guide you into the next phase.

Let these things bring you what is necessary to shift things toward what you need for life and parenting and daily balance and creating what you hope for.

The next phase is about.. the bringing in of energy and surrendering to what is and creating what we truly want for ourselves.

This episode 7 helps us to let go of the ick crap and remember what we did right.

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