Episode 008: Ariel’s solo-cast “Surrender and Intentions”

Time to breath in our Intentions for 2019

In this 2 part episode to kick off 2019, continuing on from *bonus New Year’s “Letting Go” mini-podcast Ariel will be reminding us about the importance of “surrender” and creating intentions for the life and days you best hope for. In part 1, we talk about “surrender”, feng shui to clear space and setting intentions. Part 2 is about “setting intentions” for this year, or any day.

2018’s tough days inspiring action

2018 kicked our butts in a big way and we know the roller coaster is not nearly over. In talking with our listeners, receiving letters from fellow parents and people of the world, we see we are not alone. So, with this in mind, we couldn’t help but be reminded that while we need to surrender to the Universal plan (or what you believe in as a higher power and such), it doesn’t mean we need to surrender as in “give up” and give into whatever might be dragging us down. As parents, there is certainly less “wallow” allowance/time. So, we solve things as we can.

Surrender with open arms

Ultimately, we have to surrender to the Universe. I remember in one of my seminars one man spot of letting go of trying to “predict and control”. He spoke of all the energy we waste when we keep doing this, and how important it is to be less rigid. I think about how often we think we can control things that we cannot. So, I suggest we surrender, fully. Surrender to each other, our kids, and go “through the darkness” not around. Like the story of the white buffalo.

The White Buffalo

Once I heard a story from a Native North American, recalling the story of “the white buffalo”. The story spoke of a dark storm blocking the way to a green pasture. The others in the heard of buffalo, decided to go around the storm, run away from it, perhaps exhausting themselves and not getting the food they needed, in time. The white buffalo braved the storm, went through it, sometimes very much afraid in the darkness and nearly unable to breath as the winds and snow covered it. Yet, in the end, came out on the other side of it all, the the warm sunny green pastures. I have since learned that Buffalo/bison DO face into the storms, while cows try to run from it, and often pay the price. Being brave, walking through and into your greatest fears and conflicts in front of you, can bring great reward. Even, if it doesn’t take you exactly where you imagined. What touched us about this story, was the importance of not going around conflict, but facing the hard things that pop up. We can’t give up. From our own experience, we have to get our hands dirty and just see what is there. This is what we have been doing since our dark Solstice day. The powers that be, would perhaps prefer us to be down from reality they are creating. Yet, in truth, these dark days, brought us closer together. And, no matter where we land, we have love and that is power-full.

A grounded space for kids amidst transition

When life is buzzing and pulling you down and chaos and transition, the best we can do is create a safe space for our kids. We have little choice, but not to wallow too long in whatever is going on, as out kids can’t live in that dark zone for long periods without some big reactions. And, sometimes, that happens. Sometimes, our kids manifest what is under the surface, our animals too. We have experienced this, many times. We are stressed about things and they are acting nuts, which of course is the worst thing in those moments. And, of course, we don’t want them to suffer. So, wee do our best to create a safe and grounded space inside the mess. When kids are little, they will react more obviously. Yet, don’t forget that older kids also feel what is happening, and are effected, regardless of how they do or don’t show it.

Living Intuitively

There are times when we are more, or less spiritual. These moments, require “Letting go”, and getting into the flow of our own destiny and having “faith” where possible. It’s not about agreeing with everything that comes your way. It’s about receptivity and seeing what comes and being willing to go for that “unknown” that may take you an unexpected ride. Living intuitively takes discipline and there are many times we forget to do it. Or, start to judge or question what comes along, as if going into the cloudy mind is the only way to get answers. What I notice is that when things get nuts and you really have no answers about how to move forward, you feel trapped or overwhelmed, that living “intuitively” is the only way to survive. Step off the cliff with a depth of trust you have never had before.

2019 “Making Space”

Starting the year with a Feng Shui-house relief, is a super way to clear space for your intentions, hopes and dreams and definitely for abundance. Let the Chi move around your spaces, easily. Have you ever tried this? I am always amazed at the things that start to come when I donate a bunch of things to charity. Or, clean closets, corners and move things around so we can have a simpler environment. It is also about making space in our minds.. through small breaks, letting go of self blocking thoughts and meditating, sleeping or doing what gives you some peace.

Stop complaining, Find solutions, Lead by example

It’s easy to moan and complain about what is happening in our lives. But, in the end, we have to solve things. Otherwise, we are just using up energy and drawing more crap to ourselves. Going with the flow is a great lesson to teach and show our kids through “doing”. Allowing our kids the experience of surviving hard times through flowing instead of figuring it all out, which truly the little ones probably know how to do much better than us.

Follow the signs

Sometimes, the signs are dragging us through to what they want. Other times, we simply look away, not wanting to do what we know we are being guided to do. Usually we only turn away from signs because they can be uncomfortable, take us out of our comfort zones. Signs can come in many forms. We see them in the videos that pop up, postings on social media, nature around and more. People joke that you see signs because you want to. I agree! Native Americans taught me that you must have open eyes, spirit and heart

Setting intentions

At the start of each year, setting intentions is a way to keep a clear path to the things you hope for yourself and your family. At the same time, we may not always have a clear picture of what is possible for us, so, leaving space for the things we cannot imagine is a key piece.

  1. What 3 things you are grateful for?
  2. Set 3+ intentions for your day/year.

*That is it. “surrender” and create your life through “intentions”. Have the life and days you deserve.

Have a great day, IP community. Keep being wonderfully Imperfect Parents.

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