Somatic Meditations for parents and teens looking for center and grounding through body awareness – Yustin Castillo

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Yustin Castillo shares Somatic Meditations for family in Español and English, on Imperfect Parenting Podcast.

Below you will find the meditations in both English and Español.

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What is our greatest hope, as parents?

As parents, what do we hope for our kids? Did we have all the tools we needed growing up? Do we have them, now? This week is about sharing the learning, connecting to our own knowledge of ourselves, listening to the body and gathering up something else for the tool box of life to help us through both the good and hard days.. and in turn d the same for our families..

Yustin’s Story

Yustin is living in Prague, originally from Guatemala and has a 13 year old son she is raising, beautifully. She has been on a journey within and brings to us the gifts of her learning and path and honors us with meditations both in English and in Spanish for parents and kids/teens old enough to sit for a few minutes either on their own or with their parents, if so inclined.

The meditations offer another way to manage the harder moments in life, school, relationships, body issues and more. Listening to the wisdom of our bodies opens a whole new knowledge base to draw from that can change the experience of every day life.

Yustin and I spoke about what somatic/sensations meditations are about and how they aid us in life and with her own son.

“We teach and guide our kids the best we can,. We respect them enough to know they have the ability to learn and grow more than we could ever expect or fully comprehend. By honoring them and offering them a ‘full spectrum’ of tools available, allowing them the right to choose what fits them the best, as people evolving on this planet is one of the most conscious choices we can make as parents. We trust our kids to know themselves by allowing them the space and tools to find clearly their own answers and paths, from within.”

What if we could send our kids (and ourselves) out into the world with something in their pocket that could get them through any situation?

A few minutes a day doing somatic meditations, regardless of our beliefs, background ornvalue system, can gift us with a tool to help us for life. This is a practice that connects and supplements our other belief systems within the family. Whether guided by spirit, religion, crystals, astrology, science or signs or other, learning to listen to our bodies is a power-full tool for any of us to use and apply to various corners of our lives.

Personally, I find that learning about the body signs and sensations, and what they actually mean or are trying to tell you, is a life long journey.

It’s enough to be curious. Explore. And, decide for yourself.


Alone, or with your kids, try the somatic meditations, or start simply by sitting with eyes closed, electronics and noisy interruptions off, silent, etc and notice what you feel in your body. What sensations. Just for a moment. Anything. All is correct. Tickling, warm, tension and so on. Just observe it and maybe share with each other when finished.

Mindfulness tools: Yustin’s somatic meditations in English and in Spanish/Español.

Question of the week:

What tools do our kids need to live a happy and balanced life? Do they get this in school? How can we help?

SPECIAL. starting Mother’s Day for our Readers & Listeners: 1st 30 minutes of 90 minute Somatic Therapy session FREE! Amazing offer. Thank you, Yustin.

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Have an “sensation-al” imperfect day.

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