Imperfect Parenting Podcast Notes: 012 -Back to basics -Feng Shui Struggles – Going with the Flow of Destiny -with Mats and Ariel

Imperfect Parenting Podcast Episode 12:

Going with the Flow

Maybe it doesn’t make any sense with all that is happening in our lives, right now, but we are feeling more aligned. Regardless of the dark clouds and imposed changes, downsizing, main income shift, and more.

We feel gratitude about being able to create together, connecting to all of you and to be growing with Ella.

Back to basics and parent realities with Mats & Ariel

No, our lives haven’t changed since those dark December days when the sky was falling. Yet, we have turned out attitude around. We have found hope, seen the signs and found guiding lights (many of you!), along the way.

The world around is saying “keep going” what you are doing is right. Not just the podcast and the writing, but acceptance of what is. We are no longer fighting against what we “don’t want. Things are as they are, at the moment. All we can do is relax into the current, as Mats said. Maybe swim to shore when needed. Yet, ultimately if we can fully let go, and move with what is moving us (literally, as we will soon lose our apartment!), then things will continue to unfold as they are meant to. Destiny has a way of doing that. Ever noticed that? We don’t need to know what it is, how it is, where it is, or even how it tastes. We just have to be willing. We have to start trusting more, again. We have to breathe it all in and.. start letting go of the past (like all the crap we have saved and not sorted!)

SHARE WITH US: “Have any of you had this experience? Of going with the flow of destiny to see where it leads you? What happened for you?” Write us, send us a voice memo or write on Facebook page or pm! We’d love to hear from you!:)

Brutal reality of Feng Shui

With all the crap we are sorting and sifting through, we come again back to Feng Shui. OK, many of us have read about Marie Kondo: KonMari method and now she is all over Netflix for the world to see and grab onto! Super. She is lovely. AND, let’s just get a bit real about the ACTUAL process of doing “the work”. It’s fucking intense, people. There is no lie there. While just keeping what brings you joy is one piece and a great approach to the hard job of sorting and “letting go” of crap that for some reason we have kept, there is more to the story.

1st of all, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to get through everything, especially when you have kids undoing what you do, smashing about and as well.. wanting to play..which of course we must stop for, sometimes.. We can’t forget to be in life, too. Though we want to finish. And, we CAN get our kids involved. Ella loves to be a part of what we do and “help” and co-create, cooperate, so yes.. that is also super important inside this.. teaching her to let go and sort and donate things. We don’t believe in just secretly getting rid of things. I go through a process with Ella.. to love it and enjoy it and then let it go and be a part of that. It works well. That said. Not many people talk about the energy bit.

Energy and Feng Shui

Have I missed this part of the conversation? I haven’t read about it, but maybe I never noticed. Ever notice how tired you get when you are sorting through your old crap? I am sure as sure that we are releasing old energy, or something is trapped in that dust, or in the boxes and bags of crap. Why, because my muscle ache, I feel an “ickness” in my nose and I feel super tired, even after only one small box! Be careful, plan timing well and ALWAYS take a shower and blow your nose after and or before you go to bed. I find it makes a world of difference. Especially if you work with some consciousness around it and work with whatever emotions, feelings and so on that might get stirred. And, take a moment to exhale it.

How did Jana do all this? She and her family downsized into a 5 meter camper caravan?! Amazing. I can’t wait to be on the other side of our own downsizing, though not to that extreme, we will move to a much smaller place and it will feel really good to have a lighter load.

Jana, Michal and little toddler Tom on the beach smiling in Australia
Jana, Michal and little Tom Chan: Caravanning Australia

Beach Caravan update: Jana of Oz

Take us away to the sounds of the Australian beach! A fantastic moment shared with all of us, waves crashing in the background as Jana connects in with us on the eve before the great departure with her family on their adventure through OZ, Australia, the land of wonders and beauty. We can feel Sydney, the warm air, the hope, the possibilities. It’s a beautiful moment. So happy to share this continuing story. More to come!

Would you like to experience caravan living across Australia? Follow the Chans on Instagram: @Chans_in_the_van

We don’t have all the answers

Look, we are just 2 parents actively surviving realities as best we can, sharing our experiences and others and hoping it can benefit any of you in some small way. We are nowhere near perfect, or intentionally imposing our views as best. That which we share has worked for us, is our reality and maybe some of you will find alignment, or not.

This week, we encourage you to be softer with yourselves, others and whatever is coming at you. Let, this week be a chance to use “everything” as an opportunity for growth, fun, play with kids and partners. Let us, exhale into the madness and focus on what we imagine as the best outcome, or at very least, how we would like to feel, even if we don’t know how to get there. And, do our best to create relaxing and nourishing environments for our families, as best we can. Life isn’t always easy when hiccups come and we unexpectedly have to change the direction we were going in. Yet, we can only hope that destiny knows what we need and that in our trust of this, we can land in an even better place, after the chaos of the storms.

Have a beautifully imperfect day!

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