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Chans_in_the_van: Victoria, Australia!

This week we come into familiar territory, as Jana reminds us about the realities of being 24/7 with family and all that can bring up, whether at home or on the road.

We come back Jana Chan, from episode 9 and 12, who is now in full reality of nomadic life with her family, in a 5 meter camper caravan, in Australia.

24/7 challenges and realities, with family

Truth be told, whether on the road, or at home, spending 24/7 with your family can create all kinds of challenges. We dream of a time when we can spend more time together, have more help and support, be able to talk with one another and share experiences. Then, you get there, and the true reality is very different. Am I right? Demands of the day mixed with our own hopes for each other and selves makes for a sometimes awkward mix. Add a toddler in the mix, and say, “good bye” to your own agenda for the day at home or travel plan.

The challenges of parent plans vs. kid reality 

Of course, anyone who is a parent doesn’t have to mash their whole world into a camper van to discover that kids make their own realities, regardless of our adult/parent plans. We know each day that we make plans that it will be something entirely different then we intend. What did John Lennon say? “Life is what happens while we are making other plans.” Kids need us to move at a slower pace, they have different needs and wants for the day and that is a fact. We are forced to be more flexible, or pay the price. Regardless of whether or not we choose to hear them, kids will make themselves heard in a way we cannot ignore.

What did John Lennon say? “Life is what happens while we are making other plans.”

Toddlers communicating through action

Oh, the actions that kids choose to get our attention when they need or feel something. Be warned! Our experience is that when kids act out and do something extreme, it always has a purpose.

When Ella is tired or needs something and we are somehow missing the point, she does something radical and not usual. Throws all her pens on the floor, writes on the wall, smashes something or even screams. In Jana’s case it was pretty gross what was happening in the back of that car in this episode.

New segments starting today:

*Mindfulness tip connected to this week’s episode:  (A change of mind)

Each hard and challenging moment, in family and in life.. we have a “choice”.. to drown, or shift from “challenge to opportunity”. What are we learning? What gift is within this moment? How can I “change my mind” and energy around what is happening to make life easier and more peaceful. By doing this we create a better life for ourselves and family.

*Question of the day:  This week it will be advice for our nomadic family Chans

A question for the Chans benefit: Help the Chans! What is a good way to share their journey beyond only Instagram photos which only give part of the story? Podcast? Vlog? Write? What is your experience? Idea?

Write or leave a voice message on Facebook and we will include it in our next podcast and pass it to the Chans!

*And, last but not least, we’ll top off with, “A few of our favorite things”, where Mats and I will pass on some tips of things that we like.

1.  Read at least 3 books for young kids or a couple chapters of books to older kids, each day and you will be amazed at their reading and comprehension improvements, even young ones. Even reading your own books aloud at bed time can shift things and help put them to sleep, as well.

2.  Frozen fruit, instead of ice cream, in the evening.  Grab a favorite cute container or bowl and load up and keep a towel close by for messes.

3.  “Bleh bowl”.  I have been doing this with Ella since she was only a few months old, as she started eating at 4 1/2 months.  Do you have babies or small kids who throw things on the ground or smear them on table or elsewhere?  Always keep a bleh bowl close by and you will be surprised how kids like to “know what to do” and having a place to put the things they don’t want! * Great way to build kids confidence and have less mess to clean up, all at once! Now, nearly 3 years later, Ella asks, “ mommy, why did you forget the bleh bowl on the table?” Great, right?!

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