2 moms, twins and a multi-cultural marriage with Alba-Clara Sopensens – Part 1

Fertility and making a 2 mom+ – family

Making babies, in the movies, often looks much sexier, fun and less stressy than it often is in real life. The Universe keeps things interesting.. whether you are 2 moms, 2 dads, single parent, they-parents, stereotypical “breeders” ( as my Aussie gay friend Simon used to say) or any other version of reality. There are so many emotional, physical and even spiritual things that pop up that both deepen and challenge any relationship.. to self.. and any partner.. The longer it takes and the less “fun” it becomes the more stressful and/or interesting our stories on way to family become.

Alba shares intimate details of her own journey and I am so honored! What a gift to all of you on your own journeys.

2 alpha moms – one family

It turns out that though Czech Republic is over all pretty welcoming to supposed “non traditional” parent dynamic within the community, including schools, playgrounds, etc. Reality is that both society as a whole, the official paperwork and forms and even our own psyches aren’t always up to date and able to manage the 2 mom reality.

What happens when there is only one box on a form that says mom?

How do you sort rights for both moms?

Who gets the “mom trump card”?

And, if “mother knows best”.. hmm what then?

Alba Imperfect Parenting Podcast “2 Moms, 2 kids 1 multi-cultural life.

Alba is super honest and real with us on the podcast about how she and her wife manage and don’t each day and as conscious and fair as they have intentions to be.. we are still all human and each new day, allows us a nee opportunity to grow and expand in unknown directions.

Partnership inside 2-mom motherhood of twins

Any partnership at any time, anywhere is a challenge when parenthood enters in. Add, multi cultural differences in parenting and marriage, 2 alpha moms, twins, 15 years of partnership and pushing boundaries of societal expectations.. and you’ve got a “whoo look out!” On your hands. Both spirited and passionate about their views, ideals and parenting styles, Alba and her wife take things to a whole new level. And, Alba’s deep honesty, humor and sharing or heart is an incredible reminder of how much we need to hear and speak the real truth, more often.

As you read.. you will feel the deep exhale that I also felt.

Stay tuned for part 2 next Wednesday, the day after my Facebook Live Event 10.22.2019 ( keep an eye on our instagram and our home page!

Have a beautifully complicated, imperfect 2 mom day!

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