Holidays power-full and power-less

I would love to say that the holidays are only magic and fun and “believers” around the world, regardless of their background and beliefs would enjoy some magic at this time of year to bring them.. and their families exactly what they needed for peace and happiness and fulfillment. Yet, It’s not always that reality, is it?

You work hard to create magic and beauty for your family. You carefully, decorate ( or maybe not so carefully), and you create an atmosphere that brings alive the imagination and wondering of your children.

You invite in world traditions from your various family corners.. and fill the house with smells and goodies that make up the traditions you hope to carry on, that you want to keep alive and hope your kids will have lasting memories. Sometimes..( many times) things go wrong.. And, you wish for this or that to be different.. But, hey:. What makes the holidays any different from any other day?!

Breathe.. and energize a bubble of joy and make space for you when you need it. Take a walk, go for a drive, catch your breath. Get back to yourself, somehow!

In the spirit of that.. we have to storytime podcasts for you for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! Take a break, or a mini nap as you cuddle your kids and they listen:).

Happy Imperfect holidays..

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