Regain parent pleasure with Alicia Davon

My conversation with Alicia, both during the podcast and later in a session with her, opened my heart and I had a big smile the whole time.

If you are looking for a positive light that both you and your partner will both feel safe and comfortable with and you are looking to deepen your connection and move out of the practical side of your parenting, then set up a session.

We have deep love.. and the last years of transition have taken their toll! No joke! So, we sat down and the tears, words and truth flowed like a 2 rivers joining together at a strong and luminous stone in the center (Alicia Davon).

We are looking forward to exploring the practices we learned and will continue to commit to growing ourselves from the heart, as much as we do our kids.

You’ve got all the links, above.

Dive in and have some fun. For YOU and as well with the one you love.

Life is too short ..not to love it and those you invite into it!!

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