Alternative Alchemy: Recipes and Mindful Baking with CBD, Herbs, and Adaptogens By Jamie Hall

Jamie Hall’s amazing cookbook on Imperfect Parenting Podcast

A bit about the cookbook

Talking with Jamie Hall, sharing stories, comparing notes, and hearing her inspiring moments of motherhood and creating opened my heart and I couldn’t wait to share this with you!

If you love to cook and you love secret codes, you will love the pink writing and Jamie’s notes on each recipe.

Who has time for complicated, rigid recipes, these days? You want yummy, easy and fun recipes, right?

Add that you can split the batch and some can be for healing and medicinal purposes and some for just enjoying with a juicy sweet smile, and I’m in!

Read on and discover what unexpected thing happened to Jamie through sharing her art with others.

The book contains delicious recipes designed to make you feel good just in time for the holidays like:

Chocolate Lattes, Spiked Apple Cider, Eggnog, Apple Fritter Pancake Bites, Cinnamon Rolls, Peanut Butter Bars, Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, Salsa Verde, Caesar Dressing, Queso Dip….and so many more tasty treats!!!

Alternative Alchemy was created for today’s health-conscious consumer and is suitable for cooks of every level. These mostly plant-based, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free recipes adapt well to CBD’s flavor profile and specific temperature tolerance. 

Do you give cbd to kids?

Cbd and kids.  How do you use it, or do you?

Everyone approaches Cbd differently.  Of course, like so many things, it’s a personal choice.

With kids, it’s more medicinal, not to calm them.

There are so many things that cbd is good for (Jamie mentions some on the Podcast.)

Of course, every family and every kid is different, more sensitive and so on.

*If you do explore, then start with something that is Hemp instead of Weed based and make sure the company you go is low in properties. Every country, state, and company is different. Yet, is supposed to (in the US) state exactly what % of what is inside.

For grown-ups

Jamie started using cbd after her 1st child was born to help with post pregnancy depression and anxiety. Her next pregnancy, she cooked with some during and after and still uses it when needed.

How best to use cbd

Unlike when someone gets hugh and will feel effects more quickly and strongly by NOT eating before taking it, CBD seems to work differently.

Jamie says she feels stronger effect when she eats food with healthy fats. Which is why she created so many great sweet recipes (and a couple savory) to aid the body for intake.

When to add CBD to your recipes?

Jamie says it’s up to you. You can either add during the recipes as she has in the cookbook, or control it more and share it with various members of the family who may not want the CBD. Again, it’s a personal choice.

Alternative Alchemy: Recipes and Mindful Baking with CBD, Herbs, and Adaptogens and my own personal experience and feelings?

Honestly, I’ve never smoked weed (no judgment and don’t judge.. I know.. I am from N. Cal capital of grow zones, yet I simply didn’t feel the pull. !) I am still exploring my feelings around CBD, yet I can say one thing, clearly.. without ANY DOUBT..this IS MY NEW FAVORITE COOKBOOK! CBD or not, this book is a pleasure to touch, look at, and explore.

It’s written playfully and simply and makes you really like and want to cook! (that’s really how all cookbooks need to be, in my opinion).

Mom, or not, I HIGHLY recommend this book!

Each recipe, in the beginning, bit, Jamie talks with you.. like she is right there, giving people the freedom to trust their feeling, mindfully make decisions, and just fall into her art with a full heart.

Lessons for life and creating that will stay with you.

Jamie has been baking for some time, yet says that while some things are an exact science, not everything needs to be. So, have fun with it, be flexible and play.

Dietary Restrictions Made Mindful

Restrictions are often so frustrating, yet when you dig in and have a wonderful experience with it, and shift into exploring. Jamie encourages you to make restrictions and healthy eating a pleasure and full experience.

No more sawdust cookies and tasteless cakes!

Jamie talks about keeping a good experience, simplified.

Jamie reminds us:

You need to eat these yummy real food recipes, within a day or 2.  After this, its going to fall apart or not taste good.

No preservatives in these recipes.  The creations are not meant to last forever, they are meant to be eaten.

Good cookies and bars are meant to be enjoyed.. right away..

How did Jamie do all this with kids at home?

Her 1st child was intense, yet cooking was something she could do at home, mindfully wearing her daughter while she created.  Yoga for her hands and life was much more relatable.

Later, she let the kids have a corner to explore and explode into, creating as well. Which allowed her the space to keep doing her art, making magic.


Jamie grow up in a small town, then Brooklyn, moved to LA and then started sharing with other moms and made things for so many people.  A great feeling of community to be interconnected in this way.

She struggled after her 1st pregnancy, with depression and anxiety and her discoveries for herself.. are not changing lives.

I love that all her sharing and authenticity around her own journey and all the yummy things she created, built a lasting community for not only her, but so many moms..and I am sure it continues to grow.

Jamie’s Creative Journey

Jamie Hall is incredibly open about her creative journey. She digs into the actual process of creating her cookbook and how she included her kids in the process, letting go of perfection, keeping a sense of humor and making it all happen with her team of littles.

I asked, “How long have you been working on the book?”

Jamie said the book was mainly finished, last September, 2019, except some last edits.

She said the book was written for some time, though she’s been doing other things along the way.

There’s been a lot less baking for others since the start of the year, yet she still creates (and not ALWAYS with cbd:).


An amazing mom, running a business, working at Netflix, keeping family and house running strong ALL while creating this stunning book!

I am seriously.. in awe.. (I’ve been creating recipes since Mats lost his job and with one child couldn’t imagine actually manifesting a cookbook.. even half as amazing.. sooo lovely)

I am raving, I know. Yet, I have to tell you, I’ve been looking at A LOT of cookbooks the last years and this one.. is special (in a good way:)

It’s a pleasure to read it and I can’t wait to create from it.

I will add an update her or in the blog as soon as I have a chance to create some of these delightful creations.


  1. Listen to the podcast to find out what Jamie’s favorite recipes are and her #1 ingredient favorite ingredient!
  2. Listen to the end of the podcast to find out how you can win one of Jamie’s gorgeous books! (hint.. Instagram)
  3. Take action by December 7, 2020 before midnight PST (Action will be: To post/dm/email me with your answer to my question + the secret word (Jamie’s favorite ingredient) and you’ll get in the drawing to be announced by December 9th on the Podcast!


According to the New York Times, CBD is conservatively projected to hit $16 billion in sales in the United States (alone) by 2025. A recent Gallup poll found 14 percent of Americans use CBD products, The benefits of CBD are becoming increasingly clear, with new products showing up every day on supermarket and pharmacy shelves. 

Jamie Hall, founder of Alternative Alchemy, a California-based baked goods company,  first started experimenting with CBD baking when she experienced postpartum depression. Consuming CBD with food, especially healthy fats, can enhance the body’s power to absorb and take advantage of CBD’s healing powers, and Hall found that small amounts, when combined with nutritious food, considerably improved her mood and reduced her anxiety. She has now authored the best of her mouth-watering recipes in Alternative Alchemy: Recipes and Mindful Baking with CBD, Herbs, and Adaptogens, in order to share her expertise with people who don’t have access to her baked goods.

Have a beautifully Imperfectly Delicious Creating Day! Happy Holidays!

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