Close quarters – Parent Mindfulness and Meditation

Whether you are Sheltered in place during a pandemic or just in close quarters during holidays or when parents lose their jobs, this podcast episode is for you, to find your way through the imperfection, keep on your life work path and let go into acceptance, through anger and frustration around boundaries and into breathing more fully.

The meditation included mid-way through is to ground you in the moments you need a little lift up and a moment with yourself to breathe.

These days, it seems like it’s impossible not to be an imperfect parent when you are attempting to work from home AND educating them AND getting enough space to breathe your own air.. all with your partner/husband/wife sitting next to you.. possibly driving you nuts..

This episode is dedicated to this!

What mindfulness or tips to YOU have for parents this week?! Jump into our Facebook Group and let us know about them!

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