National Geographic: Kids Vs. Plastic – The Pollution Solution with editor Ariane Szu-Tu

Maybe the fact that my now nearly 5 year old has been picking up trash on beaches around the world since she could barely walk, makes this book and podcast stronger for me. I could never figure out where it came from. I pick up things here and there, but she would postpone playground time to clean the littering, especially by the sea. She just couldn’t leave it.

Talking with Ariane Szu-Tu about all the great, inspiring and innovative kids was a fantastic reminder of all that is possible with a bit of encouragement.

The visuals in Kids vs Plastic – Ditch the straw and find the pollution solution to bottles, bags and other single use plastics , are vivid and take your breath away.

Kids are changing the world!

The stories of avocado seed inspired plastic in Mexico to shrimp hull plastics across the ocean, get your kids thinking about “what is possible”!

Kids create change and stick with it.

Images provoke strong memories that imprint and ripple out. Ella still remembers the images from the 1st day we opened our copy of Kids vs Plastic!

What is one thing you could do today, to cut plastic use in your own house?


  • Reusable water/coffee containers
  • Buy produce from farmers/stores who use less packaging.
  • Invest in reusable straws you like.
  • Chose long lasting left over containers.
  • Make food from scratch.
  • What ideas do your kids have?! Ask them and see how creative they get:).

Have a beautifully Imperfect and Creatively plastic free day!!

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