Imperfectly delicious Mango pomegranate margaritas – Intuitive cooking: Cinco de Mayo

Imperfectly delicious Mango Pomegranate margaritas! Another peek at one of my intuitive recipes from the upcoming book!!

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is about Mexican liberty from the French. Though in really it was made popular in U.S. in 1980’s and 90’s by the beer and alcohol companies. Our dear friends from Mexico, here in Prague, said they don’t really celebrate this holiday. Yet, as it is a part of my California culture, and I remember the colors and celebrations and great food and drink, perhaps on this very cold windy Prague day, I just needed a ray of mango sunshine, good food and sweet memories to top off the weekend.

What’s more delicious on Cinco de Mayo than Fresh margaritas and gucamole, chips and a terrific Mexican meal?

Of all the delicious recipes from today’s meal, I will share with you the “Mango pomegranate margaritas as they were deliciously enjoyable for the whole family (of course, Ella had the smoothie version:).

Intuitive abundance recipes

Holding intentions for an abundance in life, through creating intuitive recipes.

As with all my intuitive abundance cooking, intentions are kept throughout entire making of the meal and drinks.

In general, Ella helps with these creations, minus doing alcohol bits. She likes to squeeze the limes, mash avocado and shake cinnamon, for sure. She often has her own ideas and whatever we are making, I add her requests without question. It keeps things interesting.


Today’s intention was simply about enjoying more moments like this, with a feeling of relaxation and friends close. Ella and I like to sing, yet everyone has their own way.

Mmm, what’s next?

Imperfectly Delicious Mango pomagranite margaritas


2 cups Frozen chunks of mango

1 1/2cup pomagranite juice

3 Tablespoons fresh squeezed lime juice and pulp.

1 teaspoon cinnamon powder

1 Tablespoon agave/coconut syrup


pomegranate seeds

Sprig of garden fresh rosemary

Cinnamon sprinkled on top

1/2 moon of lime for sode of glass

Salt or sugar on glass rim, after taking lime around edges of glasses to help them stick, as desired. ( I used sugar)


  1. Set all ingredients out
  2. Prep garnishes
  3. Prep glasses ( chilled is great, then salt/sugar)
  4. Pour pomegranate juice in bottom of blender, add cinnamon, agave/coconut syrup, then mango pieces and lime juice. Close top and blend until smooth. ( A minute or less).

•Makes two good sized margaritas+ a bit left for a couple cute kids smoothie (without the boozy bit!:)


Before adding the splashes of tequila. Be sure your glasses are ready.

In Margarita glasses, we added the pulp of the lime in bottom, pour in blended mix, then, add patron or other favorite tequila in 1/2 or whole shot and hand mix with spoon. Add garnish and enjoy!

For Kids:

Kids version of Imperfectly delicious mango delight in Ikea pink stemware.

Use same blended mix in cute cup with small spoon, no garnish or alcohol (duh).

*Let kids sprinkle their own cinnamon and/or pomegranate seeds and lime, from little bowls, if so desired. Adds to the occasion to let them choose for themselves and as well builds confidence doing things on their own!:)

Life has ever varied moments. Keep creating, in whatever way brings you joy. Do it with your kids, or on your own, yet just keeping doing it!

Have a deliciously Imperfect day.

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