Teaching opportunities around kids, tragedies, 911 and more

Do our kids know what to do in an emergency?


This number, 911, will forever have a differnt feeling for many of us, whether From USA, or not.

I take moments of silence to remember.. those gone and still suffering .. after most of us have moved onto the next thing..

I would love to say that things feel better, yet there are waves of uncertainty all around. And, now that I have a child .. I suppose I think more and more about how all of us handle conflict anf tragedy.

I come back to all the opportunities we have to teach our kids, to offer them guidance, or perhaps they offer us wise words, in these harder moments in time.

However our kids came to us.. they grow in our hearts.. and we want the best world for them.

When anything happens that Ella becomes aware of, I am honest with her. We speak about the truth. Yet, of course, it is my truth mixing with hers and the worlds. I don’t claim to be sure of all things. That is impossible. Yet, I offer her the kind and open hearted route to knowledge and reflection of what is happening, as often as possible.. and hope that it can help her think about what she sees and experiences in life. Has her look within herself, wonder about, agree or question what is happening around her. And, hope and believe that she can be a part of what makes our Universe better.

Today, is another day. Let’s give our kids an opportunity to grow and grow us.  Let’s re-arrange these numbers to reflect a new era of awareness and kindness and build hope.

We make each day what it is.. in all it’s darkness and light.

When we fight with our partners about ex-families, finances, selfishness and house org, is this really all there is? Can we get back to the beauty, color and light of each day to take us back to ourselves and joyous living? Or, does everday madness swallow us up and suck the sweetness out of our partnerships like nectar from honey suckle when discovered by a child. 

I hope for us. And, the goodness of our kids and all families, even the ones that make our lives a misery.

Prague, Cz 911 feels a bit different from NYC, today

Do your kids, little or big, know what to do if there is an emergency? What have you put into place?
Maybe today is the day to create a plan!! We have to sort that too. Its tricky, even without regular phones and passwords on all devices.. what is the best way? Maybe knocking on a neighbors door? Old school?

Wishing you all a day of remembering.. and truth on this imperfect day.

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