2 moms, vulnerability and needing emotional space for self-Alba-Clara Sopensens – Part 2

Today.. is just too coo coo.. Here is the essence of blog.

Vulnerability is the road to intimacy. Yet, is not easy or comfortable for many of us. Yet is so key for true connection.

Motherhood spans all the colors of the rainbow on Imperfect Parenting Podcast with Alba

Being real, open and honest.. beyond social media.. would transform all of our lives. What an intention, to be more real with each other.. allowing more truth to show..

2 moms, 2 kids, The beauty and vulnerability of motherhood on Imperfect Parenting

We independent souls, who had our own path and fierceness.. ( and I am sure others too), suffer deeply.. from overwhelm in motherhood.. especially when it means not having “emotional space” for ourselves.. We MUST be allowed.. and create this space for ourselves.. or.. well.. bad things happen.. inside and outside..

Book mentioned that touched my heart: The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer ( its in many, many languages, including Czech and Spanish!)

Have a beautifully imperfectly vulnerable day.

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