Anger Management in Parenting

Give us space!

No matter what size your house is, it feels small when everyone from the family is inside days upon days. Winter, pandemic, loss of work, so many things can get you to this point. Doesn’t matter how it happens, when it’s happening, its a happy hell.

Happy to connect and experience your kids and family. Yet, at the same time, missing your personal space to breathe, create, read, work and just exist! You don’t realize just how precious those few minutes or hours of commute to work or activities are until they are gone.

Bathroom office

How many of us have started to be in the bathroom even longer than before?! My 3-year-old, quickly caught on to this, so it was a short-lived reality. Which was actually good, as it reminded me, again of the importance of boundaries.

Boundaries, please

Like clients with a full story, there are times when setting strong boundaries can feel tricky. Yet, it is a power-full and important lesson for ours lives and for our kids( and clients). Ultimately, what we learn we also teach. How we live, will help our kids to also grow healthy and balanced lives. So, if not for you, then do it for them.. to live and thrive, well.

Anger Management

Without a bit of anger management, the whole unit breaks down. When we have issues with our partners, or even with ourselves, we end up taking these frustrations out on everyone around us. Our kids, our partners and frankly ..our lives suffer. It’s usually connected to the above. When not setting firm boundaries both for ourselves and others we feel we are “losing out”. When we lose out, we are angry (mostly at ourselves) and it ripples out.

Snap chatting

No, I don’t mean the app. I mean all the snappiness that comes into play when we are not moving forward on our own path, not getting things done in the day, feeling effective and there isn’t space to breathe.. in our own space, as we go. We get snappy. And, it’s “ugly”. It’s embarrassing. And, sad. You love your partner, you want to be with them, love them and in past would even think of them and look forward to them coming home, but then when you see them.. they do something to push your limits and instead of making that boundary again, you get angry.. and everyone loses.. especially your kids.

Have a beautifully boundaried (is that a word?) day!

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