Kids are parent proof -Karla Zuart of Mexico

Karla Zuart of Mexico on Imperfect parenting Podcast

being a mom anywhere in the world has its challenges. Add being an expat from Mexico, in Prague with a strong minded daughter and.. life is never boring to day the least.

Expat life has its brings all kinds of surprises. Yet, somehow, many of us manage to find our circles, our communities and we do our best to build a foundation for ourselves and family.

Some days go well and others take us by surprise, you do your best to find the positives, connect within and keep moving forward.

Karla leads the way by reminding us that we cannot easily break our children, that they are “parent proof” and will likely survive us!

As imperfect as we may be. Kind have their path and will find their way beyond all we do right and wrong.

We need to give ourselves a break. Do our best to be conscious, when possible and try to do better than those that came before us.

Have a beautifully Imperfect Day.

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