Transforming life and your family with flowers with author and Lotuswei founder – Katie Hess


There are some conversations and people I don’t easily forget.

Katie Hess and I shared a moment in time that moved things from within and I am excited to share more of my experience of what I mean over the coming months.

The day we met, Katie shared her own story and journey with flowers and nature that illuminated the way for so much possibility for you and I.  Why?

Imagine a world better because we dive into the beauty and light in the world, ripple it out, move people away from drugs and into their own joy not temporarily, yet deeply.

Imagine this.  Really.

And, would I send you down this path without experiencing it myself?  No way.

So, Katie blew my mind by sending a full-on gift box of stunning energy and opportunity to experience my own world from a new angle.  I have been deep diving her flower elixirs, anointing oil, and aura mists with full dedication.

My next podcast will be ALL about how that is going and what has been unfolding.

I will do my best to add a blog to the mix to go even deeper as writing takes me in different directions than talking on the podcast does. Who knows what that might bring.

Katie’s story is moving and inspiring and I really appreciate that she was so real about the 20 years it took to get where she is now. That going down your path may take time and movement, a willingness to grow and evolve and experience your own shadow and light.

Thank you to Katie for her incredible book, company creating and guiding us all to MORE.. and the determination that got her there and continues to evolve her own path, so we all might do the same.

AND, you get 15% off for listening to the podcast and diving into the journey!

Have a beautiful flower-filled Imperfect Day

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