Maybe I’m nuts, and you?

It’s true.  Maybe I’m nuts, really coo coo, and you?

Are you really that normal?

What does that even mean, these days, anyway?

I fought so hard for so long to be “the norm”, right?  To blend?

Then, I realized that wasn’t true at all.

And, parenting inside that has both benefits and moments of “holy sh-t what have I gotten myself into?!”

Mats in all his Swedishness has been focused and in his “supposed tos” with a twist of rebel which I like to think is coming from California influence (not mine, just being here:).

While I want to go back to old patterns of daring to do the things that make my heart race with fear and excitement.

Mats had a hit about something and nudged me forward. (Rare moment), so I did a nutty thing (more on that later.)

Sometimes, toy have to leave pieces of the past behind.

Other times, you must come back to the parts of yourself that bring you back to life!

Wake up! Splash some cold water, see the cracks of light rushing in!

Breathe in and exhale.

“Ohhhhmm”.. Just kidding:)).. (I’m not a big ohmer:).

Recently, something did really changed.

Something’s shifted.  I can’t say exactly what did it.

If you’ve been listening to the podcast lately, you know a bit of what’s been going on, right?

The truth is, a switch was flipped, or I have.

You know this last big triple transition back to the states, then the time with mom transition, now to our own world has been years and it’s been transformative.

All the letting go, the revisiting of the past.

Downsizing to 30% of our “things” and space.. woo hoo!!

Yep, you know it.. brutal!!


Yet, every-time I let go.. energy moves, things happen, I get more sleep and good things roll..

Meanwhile, working with the new world realities, raising our daughter with new school early mornings and RULES and oh right..

Working with down-sizing realities of hmm, where’s that going to go and do you really need this and that?

While building an all new business with twists of past lives of travel, wellness, corporate conscious business, expat, repat, mom, wife, strong independent woman, creator, inventor, writer, lover, coach, friend, fight for freedom and joy, etc has proven well.. not to be boring!

Somewhere in all of this.. is supposed to be a normal.

Or maybe just a self-norm. Where your own line is.

Meanwhile, we are still going through and giving away boxes and more bits of life on a weekly basis. Ohh.. the true freedom in this and what it brings.

And, gathering.. again.. with play and joy and food and drink and resetting a bit.. into what was, is and will be..

Letting go of perfection.

Diving into real.

It’s late and I’m just sharing what’s coming up.

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