The Founder’s Manual – A Guidebook for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur with author, founder and dad – Ryan Fredrick


My conversation with Ryan took us deep into the creative process of writing a book.  Diving into the reality of running a business, writing, and being a parent.

As I know that you may be creating your own thing, at the moment, I wanted to include this in the conversation to open the truth of the process up for you to explore!

This is one of those conversations where we left smiling and the connection makes me hope for more possibilities to reconnect.

As well, Ryan’s book is a must-have for any founder creating for the world and themselves.   It’s a lot to take on.  And, shifting into good habits, discipline, flexibility, and EQ are just a few of the key points that Ryan sheds light on with his manual.

These days so much has changed.  You might be looking at being a founder.. when you were sure you never would.  To start things off right, don’t re-invent the wheel and learn from someone who has been there and come out on the other side with beautiful success, as Ryan has!

So excited to share this with you!

Have a beautiful imperfect founding day!

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