Re-inspiring the creative

It’s funny, isn’t it.. the small things we do, that effect one another.

I remind myself this as I just got angry with my husband for not being able to find food in the house after I spent 2 hours shopping and all cupboards and fridge is full.

I wasn’t made that he couldn’t find food.. I was mad because I needed a break.. and he was supposed to make food.. He’d offered.. then once again was dragging me into it..

That.. doesn’t feel like a break!!

Yet, that reminder of how we effect things is right there.

I just grumped the room.

Yet, in more inspired moments.. positive effect has been there.

Like when both my mom and I needed to get back to being creative and I made a pact with her that I would create/write and she’d do the same and we’d meet on video calls and share what we’d been doing.

It worked.  We created.  We got back to what we loved, needed and yearned for.

I’m reminded because my mom just donated a piece of art to our school auction to raise money for art supplies, etc.. and it was connected to this.

I was uploading the picture (I tried here, but without luck.. darn new phone!).. and I wrote the story.. and was reminded.. so beautiful to be reminded..

Right now, I realize it’s time to come back to that.

THAT .. is part of why I am out of balance at the moment.. missing my art, writing.. creating without purpose and destination..

Yes, we just made crowns for the auction.  Ella and I like creating, together.  Yes, we made gift bags, the crowns would have a home.. yet.. they had a destination..

So, this year.. (we have a whole year, now).. we will create and create in whatever direction we are taken (I soooooo miss that from my pre-family days) and then.. put it in a box for next year!.. or give them away.. or both..

Maybe we give some of these things to the homeless, or elders around.. bring joy and fun back.

So many ideas come.. they just need a place to flow..

I like my business and love the clients that show up.. AND.. creating.. and doing it with my family.. well.. that’s pretty amazing and brightens the light..

What are YOU missing?

Ready to bring it back?

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