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Natalie Dew Redmond on Imperfect Parenting Podcast

Life moves us in directions we don’t expect, places we never knew we would explore or end up growing a life in with our families and more.  Natalie has lived in multiple countries, is from multiple countries and continues to grow her multi-national family, currently in Singapore.  She is a dynamic mom, doing so much for community, wherever she is and so an inspiring story to remind us to keep to our purpose and path, always.

Leleche and babywearing

Natalie works with breast feeding moms, helping with them find their resources and how to manage things. She as well is an expert on baby wearing and still is connected to Babywearing Prague Facebook group she started, which is where we met when I was still pregnant and exploring options for future. Mats was sure he would never wrap, now is biggest advert for it! You just never know.

Babywearing .. we love wraps..

We are BIG supporters of babywearing. SO calming, amazing bonding, feeling of pregnancy for the partner that wasn’t pregnant. Feels safer. You feel like one. Helps balance heat and cold. Supports healthy spine growth and curve. Baby Bjorn not at all same. We liked wrap, though more effort.

Go to a group and find right thing for you! Of 11 wraps we tried, 2 were really easy to use and comfortable:). Don’t give up!

Just keep aware of body strength, pain and attachment to idea of wearing baby. We had a lot of back problems once El hit 9 kilos around 5-6 months old. We have to be comfortable too:)!

Path pops up everywhere

Natalie also knits, has a traveling husband and two big smaller kids.. older girl, younger boy and through it all, she moves forward on her own way. I wasn’t surprised when I spoke to Natalie and she told me her knitting meet up turned into a support and consulting circle. Even when “off” we are often “on” because the Universe keeps reminding us of our path. And, Natalie is such a warm soul I imagine thus happens a lot. We all need those reminders. They will pop up when you least expect them.

Does help, help?

Let’s face it, many of us dream of more help. Yet, dies it solve all mom issues and mean we are suddenly having the easy life? No! Natalie is still battling morning moments and the clear way to her own path. Like many of us, she has to find her way. Natalie has live in help, she yet was still having our conversation online, in taxi and huddled outside her home late at night between knitting meet up gone coaching circle and family now tucked into bed! We are still moms.. no matter what!

We are only scratching the surface of expat life, mom life, babywearing, purpose and more. Yet, we hope each week to unlock something else of use to you. To help create space to connect and get to what you most desire.. even if you don’t yet know exactly what that is!:)

Natalie’s tips for strong minded kids

  1. Have a cup of coffee and breathe.
  2. Remember.. kids DO want to do the “right thing” and “Be Good”. Keep this is mind, it just makes things easier.
  3. Write up a morning (or maybe even bedtime) schedule “with” your kids with all steps needed to get from wake up to school. = Less negotiations when all are still slowly waking, clear expectations and destination. ( Must do this with letters and pics for El!)

Whether and expat mom/dad or someone around the corner, we all must find our way to peace with the harder moments. Trust that who and how we are is exactly what is meant for the moment. Give ourselves and kids a break. Believe on the goodness of us all. Allow and talk about the hard moments to realize you aren’t alone. And, as Natalie said, “ just breathe”.

Have a beautifully imperfect day.

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