Working with what is

We often get stuck in what “should be”when working with “what is” can hold so much joy, possibility and a better life in this moment.

One of the biggest places I notice us all getting .. is around attachment to how things were “supposed to be”, but aren”t

Whether my plan or yours, or just the idea of what was intended for this time..a lot of energy gets stuck here..

Whether you are on your way to parenting and working with fertility, who you are in your life and all the tanglings of making right choices in right timing, with the right people both at home or in the health support world.

Or, you’re a parent just doing your best to create a good life for your family, with your partner or kicking ass as a mom boss.. or D all of the above and soooo much more.

The truth is, ultimately, we have to work with “what is”

And, it doesn’t matter that you married rich and he became poor.

Or, married successful and fun, and got “messy and stressed”.

Maybe you were so sure of what your transition into something new would look like.. and it was a shocking opposite, over and over.

There are so many versions of what life an bring when you weren’t expecting it..

Just look at what happened these past years, right?

The unexpected will always happen in big and small ways.

Why?  Because the Universe/God/Goddess often will bring you what you need.. that may…not.. always be what you “want”..

Sorry, it’s just the brutal reality.  Sigh.

Yet, no doubt, I am not telling you anything you don’t already know.

You’re living that life… that either does or doesn’t look perfect and lovely from the outside.

Yet, under the surface, because we are all beautifully imperfect humans doing parenting, creating and life.. it WILL be messy and ugly and uncomfortable, at times.

Things won’t be as you expected.  That’s a fact.

Yet, the struggle of hanging onto those expectations and ideas that causes the pain, suffering, stress and frustrations.. that lead to health and relationship to self and others to truly suffer.

Sounds simple.. just stop doing that!  Right?

Yet, of course, shifting (not changing.. you know how I feel about that).. your perspective.. is a strangely easy, yet odd feeling of moving toward possibIlity.

Looking at the flips of it all (I know.. don’t roll your eyes.. there’s something here, I promise.)

That rich partner may now actually find their passion, work with their integrity and own set of values that grow something much better and more beautiful for you and your family and themselves. (wealth can come from all fronts with money, instead of only 1 dimensional.)

Maybe successful and fun needed to get messy to realize true path.

Transitions are for transforming and rarely as simple as imagined.. and the other side is unexpectedly full of unexpected satisfaction.

..I’m sure you have guessed by now, that these are all examples from our own lives:).

We got swirled up in illusion that we’d be re-creating the same as we’d had before.  Yet, nothing about where we were was doing to be the same.. because we ourselves were in the midst of transitioning both outside and inside.

What is the point of this stream of consciousness share, today.. from the darkened silent room while still in bed mid=day (my favorite place to create, by the way.)

It’s that so much is lost in the “holding on”.. when it’s the “letting go” that brings all the magic.

Letting go.. and working with what is right there in front of you.. as you smile into THAT..

We do it all the time with our kids, family, people we work with.. “stop complaining, what can be or do .. to make it better?”

What will bring you joy, right now?  Doing?  Not doing?

Allow stillness, if that is what you really need.  Before your body.. forces you to stop.

Close your eyes.. and breathe.

What comes next.. is up to you.



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