2021 is shifting toward fun!

I’ll be honest. 2020 kicked our butts. (Maybe we aren’t alone in this as I imagine you might be a touch out of breath, as well.)

Between all the fires that Mats and I were out working full time in. And, that toxic air that made us into negative people we didn’t even recognize. Not to even mention the reality of waiting for a call to evacuate with bags ready for months on end.

Truth be had, we immigrated (back) to US with a lot of hope in hand.

But, fires last year, then Covid and then more fires and more and more.. was just intense..

You know if you’ve been here on the site that I just let go. I let go of all the Instagram, the updated blogs and well.. allowed myself to be behind, so to speak, so I could keep going with the podcast, youtube and still have much needed quality time with my family.

Sometimes, you just have to say “what the fck” as they said in Risky Business (if you haven’t seen it.. its a Classic American movie that is constantly referenced in other movies.. so check it out.. very 80s, yet.. who doesn’t want to dance in their underwear, lip-synching a favorite when no one else is around?!)

This year.. madness or not.. things are already shifting. Maybe it was the decision that things have to be “MORE FUN IN 2021!”.. or maybe because it is just TIME.. for things to shift more fully.

Whatever is happening in the world.. I plan on pausing for joyous moments.

Computer or phone or tablet down, eyes fully engaging with my daughter, heart open and full breaths of “in the moment air”.. as best I can..

Last year, had some ugly moments, I wasn’t always at my best, to say the least. (Still lose it when I feel piled on like a maid without a day off.) This year might too. Yet, it will be different because we’ve had enough.

This year: Solutions, abundance, joy, fun, dancing in our living room and building things up and letting them fall down, whatever.. OH! And, doing things differently, at least once a week, if not more! Yep!

Goodness is everywhere when you choose to see it.

So, what are YOU going to do differently, this year?

Can’t wait to hear about it! Jump on Instagram and let us know!:):)

Have a beautifully Imperfect and FUN 2021!

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