Going deeper with “Little Fish, Big Question” with author, mom, and Spiritual Coach, Angela Willingham – Part 2

Motherhood is way more than just laughter and games. But, I don’t have to tell you that.

There are darker days which aren’t always easy to get support for, or even be honest about.

Yet, author, mom, and spiritual coach, Angela Willingham goes deep and super real with us, this week on the podcast, allowing you to just exhale into your own perfection!

This is exactly what is needed! Right?! I mean, is it just me or is a lot of the dark stuff smooshed away or awkward to talk about most days.

Especially when people judge that you complain too much, or life is good for YOU compared to them so how can you want better. And, on and on?

EVERYONE I talk to whether rich, poor, beautiful or unique, alone or with family, support or no support..has stress and dark bits and often no place for all that to land..

So, this week’s episode, feels important as the end of year approaches and you (and I) are reassessing into 2021.

We get the inside scoop to the mom story behind the kid story book which just deepens it SO much more and makes that 4th read of the book at bedtime an entirely different experience.

Can’t wait to hear hear your thoughts after listening to thIs episode.

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Have a deep diving Imperfect Day!

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