What is “Play Healing”? with Debi John

Play Healing

The Play Healing Podcast is coming out May 2020: Please refer to the attached infographic for more information and feel free to post about it. Otherwise, I can send you details nearer the time.
The PLAY HEALING Parent podcast is for hard-working, stressed-out parents who feel too busy to play, yet feel emotionally disconnected with their child at times. PLAY HEALING Parent Podcast creates an opportunity for parents to PAUSE, feel heard and understood, and throw off shame and perfectionism bt enjoying deeper levels of connection through practical play tips that can also prevent tech addiction.

A Sign to meet!

I have to tell you, in truth how Debi and I met. I was in a coaching session, seminar or some such and what came up was that collaboration, connecting with like, yet complimentary people, women in business, was the next step I wanted to take. In all honesty, as I heard the words, I cringed, though I know how important they were.. I just have such a hard time reaching out to people like this. I feel my whole body tense with shyness and apprehension. But then, the magic happened!

While I was on the call.. no joke.. Debi was in the middle of writing me from the UK! Me? How did she even find me? Right, the podcasts…. Wow! Love it. She wrote about exactly what I was looking for, a podcast exchange, so to speak. Where we learn about and share each other’s stories and ideas with our listeners and readers. I SO love that.

1st impressions on the go

Meeting people when you are at your best is ideal, yet not always possible. Right? You want to be alert and clear and on time and .. well, sane!! We only have one chance to make a 1st impression. So, when things are a bit nuts, how do you manage to still have great 1st meet ups with people when you are feeling crazy?

My 1st meeting with Debi was a little more exhausted and manic than I would ever want. Likely the lack of internet at home and having to drive into town to get a signal doesn’t help, but so is the reality of Covid “Shelter in place”, these days as we huddle together with 3 generations in one spot:).

What do I want you to learn from this? Take a Pause to breathe.. to center yourself, even if it means writing that you will be lat(er). Then, take maybe 2 more (as you know I love my 3 deep breaths).. and THEN.. call whoever it is that you need to.

Recording and meetings under non-optimal conditions

These days with “shelter in place” it’s a “human time”. Kids and cars noisy in the background, many without their studios or usual places to record podcast, videos and do work. It’s a bit comedic, frustrating and more than the usual imperfection of daily life. This podcast shows that imperfection, fully. But, in a way, I like it as you aren’t alone in all this, right?! And, in truth it’s kind of great for people who have been living this way for a while and doing it on their own and such.. to have others get what that world is all about! Empathy to the fullest degree.

The message beyond the imperfection

In the end, it was the realness and open dialogue, mutual empathy, laughter and heart that was most important. Yes, there is imperfect noise on the podcast. Yet, the story of Debi and her discovery of “Play Healing”, connection and beauty of interaction with children and supporting their journey in the world makes all the madness around disappear. Sometimes, you just have to swim through the chaos to the beauty of what’s inside.

Journey to what you are meant for

There are so many times in life when you are being called to do something and logic or life tells you, “it’s not possible”, or “not now”. These are the moments we have to push through and find our courage. Debi John leads the way with her journey through learning and creating with her own family teaching her along the way.

Have courage and follow heart and healing.

Have a beautifully imperfectly Play Healing Day.

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