Re-shaping parenting – Part 2 with Petra and Ondrej

Working with kids around

Petra and Ondrej found their way to a solution for working on projects and moving forward with what you are creating and working on, simply by being on the road and going with the flow of the moment. Of course, it sounds easy, now, yet so often we get attached to our own timing and way of doing and ideas of when and where and how ..and that is where we get stuck.

These days, especially with the “Shelter in place” with the pandemic, many of us are in the same situation as traveling through the US in a van, though perhaps with a bit more space(though, it often doesn’t feel that way:)! We have to find a magical way to have personal space, get our work or projects done and all with everyone home! Hmmm.

Work relay

The only way to survive and actually get anything done when there are 2 parents or helpers around, is to work in relay. One works, then the other. And, when it’s not your turn, you are “really present“, not checking your phone every few seconds. Give kids this time. Give your mind and workspace to breathe, like a good wine.

Take time to enjoy the moment

I thought it was impressive how Petra and Ondrej moved to a less smartphone to be more present and in the moment. Many successful people with 6-8 figure income are “turning off the noise and gaining focus to complete what they need to in less time and then enjoying family, friends, and things that bring true joy when “off”. Life and connecting to your kids in this way feels fuller and more joyful. You feel more mental space and ideas float in.

Turning off the noise.

Turning off the noise is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. Both when you are taking quality time away from your work/project/creativity and when you are actually working. More effective work. More present parenting. It’s so obvious, yet how many of us actually do it?!

Whether it is this crazy pandemic time, or just in daily life and weekend survival, we parents have to keep on our path forward = less frustration and more outcome and connection to the people that we started working for in the 1st place.. “ourselves” and the “people we care about”. Ultimately, this is an outcome .. we all want, parents, or not.

Have a beautifully present day.

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