Eric and Perka -Flash back 1 year of Imperfect Parenting -part 2

Dads roles in family

Of course, there are exceptions. Our two dads from podcast just happen to have similar roles with their kids. And, as well in their different style to their ex wives.

Communication with exes

What serendipity! Chance meeting with Perka on the day of relaunch of this Imperfect Parenting Podcast episode!

Communication with any ex is never 100% easier, in any kind of break up. Yet, dads have it especially bad with how society sets things up for moms. I have been on all sides and honestly think the system is still not sorted. Yet, anything we can do to attempt empathy, deeper understanding of one another and more.. well ,that’s a world I want to live in.

What took me off guard was the openness of each of our guests. Just happy to have another point of view on the show to wake us up about what part we play as moms in the whole picture.

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