Flash back Wednesday -1 Year of Imperfect Parenting – Part 1

I hear the drips of rain down the rain gutter, again.. Grr.. I gues sthat sponge thing I put in has popped out. Or, a racoon came and stole it to play with!:

Dark days 

There have been some darker days. Some.. “what in the fk is this moment in my life?!” moments.. just moments.. I have been reflecting, re-assessing, connecting within, hoping and praying that my middle of the night feeling in my belly.. is actually right and not just in my head.

Off the map, apologies

The truth is, I lost my momentum, my footing and all the moving around has slowed my pace. So, I have been on social media, website and all for a while. Maybe also my own transformation has been smashing through and as I havw been re-focusing and not wanting to choose only one project, when I care about all and all of you.. its strong, a very strong process.

Life as Pages in a book

Yet, I feel it all as pages in a book, only a moment in time and what is surely the beginning of an incredible story of success and shift. On one level, I am aware it’s temporary, yet so many suffer in scarcity and trigger things deep within. It’s just a moment!

One year reflection

In reflecting back on the last year.. I am reminded of why I am here.. the incredible conversations.. and stories and hearts of all of you. I wanted to share some highlighted moments with all of you, flashing back. (It’s like saying which child you love when you love them all.. so know that there are soooo many more to share!..)

This week..in the podcast, I remember my 1st talk with a mom.. a stranger, at the time, Lisa Wik Granberg.  And, with Jana Chan who has been a contiual part of our story for a while.. and a dear friend. 

Lisa Wik Granberg on Native American Flute: Imperfect Parenting Podcast

Lisa talks about:

  • How to keep your kids from tantrumming
  • City vs country living
  • Code words for “stranger danger”
  • Support system
  • Having time for you(alone and together)
  • And, touches us with her heart & grandma
Lisa Nordeke in Håtö Gård drumming with El
Lisa Nordeke’s Wolf Drum on Imperfect Parenting
Lisa Nordeke and her son, Simon at Håtö Gård

Jana Chan on Imperfect Parenting Podcast

Jana Talks about:

  • Kids in transition/travel stability
  • Tip for making own natural wipes
  • Toilet training #2 tip, on the go
The incredible journey of Jana and her lovely family.. in Australia and across Imperfect Parenting..

Have a beautifully Imperfect holiday season.

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