Child Whisperer – a look behind the curtain, at the woman behind the magic with Veronika Kadlec

Supporting our kids, listing the world.. our Child Whisperer- Veronika Kadlec of Czech Republic (we miss you!)

Child whisperer, calm spirit and incredibly intelligent scientist! That was Ella’s 2nd and dearly loved babysitter. She grew up with her the longest and in nearly any mood would allow us to leave her in her arms. Every parent wanted to steal her.. we borrowed her.. and were lucky that there was enough to go around to share her with our dearest friend Aneta who so generously allowed our presence with their lovely discovery so long ago. We tried others, and there were a couple.. maybe one that you might hear from.. who Ella grooved with and would even consider other than Veronika. However, this woman.. there is just something special about here.

In this podcast, I dare to ask about her experience behind the scenes and hopefully, she was a little honest about the reality.

We do hope to continue our quest for the truth behind nanny/babysitter realities as we go forward.

It’s probably not the easiest thing to be 100% brutally honest with the mom of one of the kids you care for. Yet, I an honored for all that Veronika shared with us.

An incredible woman. I hope to discover more about her, each year.. even now that we are far away.

What do YOU most value in a babysitter? How easy is it for you to integrate someone into your home. Do your kids have strong reactions to some people you attempted to bring home for them? What experiences do you have to share?

Have a beautifully Imperfect day.

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