Transitions.. big moves.. big emotions

This hallway, outside their flat after key handoff, is where Ariel and Mats recorded their last IP Praguecast!

There has been a little dead air on the blog.. I know I know.. I AM.. committed to you .. And, we are in massive transition.. So, when not packing and sorting, I have been connecting with my 3 year old to ground in.. That said.. its been, I have been.. coo coo..

I am laying in our bed for the last time in what has been our home for a while.. and it feels weird. Yes, weird.. When will we be in our own place again, our own bed?

How will it be to not wake to castles and trams rumbling by? To have to drive everywhere? To be in traffic instead of walking and relaxing with daughter?

Expat life is a full on choice. We have made it and loved it, hated it, cried and laughed with it. My husband will continue it. And, I.. will be coming home.. Too many feelings for this brief touch in. Or maybe I can’t actually go there with movers arriving any minute and my 3 year old on me, sleeping as I am not fully dressed in a bed they will soon need to take apart.

So many exciting things on the horizon.. terrifying, sad, happy, exciting..reinventing our approach to careers, life and community. There are so many things we will miss and not miss. Isn’t that the way of being an expat?

Perhaps there will be one day when our daughter doesn’t even remember the mad travel life she had. She is so community oriented, now and our community is really our neighborhood., we hope to fins and connect with similar.. Starting over.. whew!

Should we be singing “oh what a feeling” from flashdance? With maybe a dash of “Defying gravity”? Mixed with “Let go” from Frou frou?

It’s time to exhale, dig into the last work that needs to be done on letting go of things, letting things get packed, recycled and.. enjoy last moments in Prague before hot California welcomes us (meowing cat in bag and all), with open golden, warm arms..

I just wanted you to understand the silence. The shortened blogs for podcast and all.

Sorting through over a decade of life.. letting go of bits of that life.. its power-full!

Oh! The door bell! My heart leapt! Husband answering door, child asleep on me.. movers are here.. it officially begin.. whew.. deep breath into belly..

Gotta try to unhook from little one, get a skirt on.. and.. start this thang.

For any of you out there who have recently or are soon, transitioning..

Just keep breathing, let go of more than you planned or even want to.. keep looking into your kids and animals eyes and hugging them with all your love between the mad moments of change.

Wishing you all an incredibly imperfect day and maybe transition..

You will thrive beyond this.

Any advice? Thoughts. Moving moments you want to share?! Comment below! 🙂

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