Mats’ birthday dreams and visions

Mats speaks

This week it is Mats turn to reflect and give his wishes for the coming year and reflect on life in general.

A year at home

Mats talks about how this year at home while being ousted from office and how he feel like a superhero who has been like a full time dad, but he is aware that for Ariel it has probably felt like having 2 childs at home.

Hmm, after 23 years of parenting he recognize the imperfect dad he is and he wonders if he makes any progress.

Motherhood versus fatherhood

He talks about mothers and how they are the backbone of the family and holds things together. At the same time motherhood seems to complicated from a father’s view; constant worry for the kids and questioning about oneself as a mother.

Fathers rarely reflect on their parenting style but maybe they should.

Mats wishes be both learn more from each other, imperfect dads from imperfect moms and vice versa and the world would be little nicer.

Parenting Style

What is the ultimate parenting style? Mats reflects on his own he realizes it is probably not the best.

After listening to some many conscious parents being invited to the podcast he feels like a newbie in the parenting duty.

His only consciousness becoming a parent was to do things different from how his dad made it, but probably not a winning style and after reflection he know realizes how many good things his dad made.

Ultimateley we work with who we are as parents and doing our best.


Mats talks about friendship, the importance of keeping them alive and try to see your friends in real life even despite the madness that parenting can be sometimes and especially for mothers.

To them he requests dump your kid to your partner and just go so your friends every now and then, your kid will survive.


“Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.” quote Wikipedia.

He talks about compassion and how in an utterly polarized world where people are put against each other by political leaders only we as individuals can work on ourselves and the compassion we bring to our fellow human beings.

Give each other some slack, think twice before judging and try to accept people and their behavior for what it is and life will be a little easier for us all.

Everybody is struggling in their own way although we might not see it.


Mats is talking about purpose and how this is an utterly strange world to him. In the socitey he grow up in purpose was not something that was instilled in kids.

He mentions how he sees Ariel and her Californian roots where purpose seems to be something natural everybody is aware of and his striving to find his own purpose, not an easy task for an old man -:) .

Have a beautifully imperfect day.

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