We suffer as much as we decide to

Are you where and who you want to be, right now?

It’s true. We don’t want to hear it. We don’t want to know it or deal with it. Yet, the honest truth is.. we suffer as much as we decide to. I know, I know.. but, Cathy Heller said it well when she said, “We all have pain, but suffering is a choice” or something like that. A choice. That is a bit brutal. Who would choose that?! But, we do, without fully realizing it, of course. It serves us in some way. Keeps us safe. Even if we are not satisfied with the full extent of what that creates or rather “doesn’t create”, somehow these old patterns march forward. They exhaust us and we sometimes become people we never meant to, expected to or could have dreamed of. We can’t look in that mirror. We are too busy. Too much to clean up. Too many things to sort. Laundry, kids, house, duties and so on. Life is too full. Not always loads of space for our feelings. I have been there. Hell, I am there! And, even when I think I have got it, life will laugh in my face and serve up a day that is pure tear ripping madness where I end up saying or doing something that creeps me out or makes me wonder what the ripple effect will be with my daughter or husband, friends, family and.. well.. you!! Yet, we cannot live forever in the suffering. The suffering that drags us down, takes our energy and sucks away the joy from our partnerships and daily life.

Decide to choose you

One day.. I just decided.. its enough.. No more excuses about the horrors of Bonus family life. No more bullshit around my husband’s choices I can’t control. No more falling in a hole because of the demands on this internal, sensitive mom who needs silence which seems to be on a long leave of absence. No. Enough. It’s my turn, again. Time to be lit up. Time to share vision, pain, joy and inspiration so you as well can grab that life saver and be pulled from the currents of family madness.

Face the storm and make space

The only thing that had ever shifted my life in a massive way, other than getting sick or having an accident and “waking up” .. was meditation and choosing to face into the storm like that White buffalo I wrote about here way back when. So, that’s it. It’s been many weeks/months and for the 1st time in decades I have kept to that morning and sometimes evening ritual .. in my own way, that makes sense for my world. The 3 things I do.. have absolutely transformed everything. Well, OK, it’s in motion. I am human. I ramble on and things get out of control, but over all.. don’t effect me in the deep suffering way of before! Cleaning house )both internally and externally) for this big move.. is moving a lot of other things too. I choose not to accept facts as misery.. and now.. there is space for so much more to come in!

The spark has a place to land

What is the point.. we all have that thing that moves us out of where we are. Meditation, dance, yoga, running, cycling.. whatever it may be. THAT is the 1st step back towards path and purpose. Re-energizing the space within our own hearts.

Today, I would never have guessed that I could be so energized, get so much done in a day and engage so fully with Ella.. Something has moved.. and if you are feeling at all like me.. I am looking forward to shifting things with you.. and I will slowly share my thoughts and ideas as they come. And, I hope you will feel inspiration to do the same. I would love your own ideas and things that are coming into play.

Renewed energy for all that matters

I have absolutely no idea.. how I am able to do all I am doing now.. except that I can see.. that I am actually on my path.. that.. has changed EVERYTHING. I want that for you. for all of us. There is no time, but now. The days just go by so fast.

Was this interesting for you? Do you want to dive in deeper? Get into conversation? Get activated in your own purpose? Then, join our Inner Circle and see what people are doing and as well and get in on free coaching sessions coming up regarding making more space for YOU and your own path and purpose. (Nope, not selling, this is because I truly want us all to be feeling.)

Have a beautifully imperfect purpose-filled day.

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