The interview that woke me up

Behind the scenes Imperfect Parenting Podcast

Do you want to hear the whole interview?

I am not a full on tech person. No doubt I could share this better. Right now.. I just want to share with you, the realization of why I am here with all of you.

This was a big deal for me. Mainly because I am a big chicken and so do this and being seen, not being in control of the dialog.. its like getting s photographer to come out from other side of camera..:)

What I heard wasn’t my business side. It was just me, from heart, true. So, what can I say about this?

Sometimes, we get so caught up in what we are supposed to do (find money to take care of 3 families, that we flip out into old scarcity patterns (crap, just take whatever soul sucking jobs we can to survive and not be bleeding money out our armpits!) and, just be in your passion from full heart (Oh! Really? Am I allowed to just give and not have to sell and worry and instantly make it a business with products to push on people?! Yeah! That drives me nuts! ) and just be authentic and present for all of you.

That said, I DO have a 101 cool ideas we can work together and create together, relax and grow together as IP community. Yet, that will come naturally when we all want and need it and not come crashing in like the elephant in the room squashing all the goodness from our moment. Let it be more like a peacock (wait no.. they are too noisy and “look at me”).. hmm no, like a dragonfly that gently flits in:). In time, later. It will happen. Not now. Now, I just want to sit and look out over the meadow or ocean with you, sipping some fresh lemonade (and if it promises not to put me to sleep or give me a headache, maybe some wine:).. and dream and exhale the hard moments and scream into the wind to release our frustration at not having more moments like this! Let us build and create something. And, remind each other, that our path is beneath our feet, whether we see it, or not. And, one day, soon.. the fog will clear and the smile will grow .. because path, purpose, direction and steps forward will be glaringly clear!

I hope today, this Independence day weekend.. a time to let yourself be fully authentic.. that you just let go into seeing where your heart truly is. Even if it makes no sense in the moment.

Have a beautifully Imperfect, yet safe holiday.. or plain old lovely weekend..

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