*Bonus Holiday Special Imperfect Podcast: Baking with kids


Bonus Kids Cookie 
Imperfect Podcast

Making baking fun for little and big people is what we are all about.

This is our cookiecast. Or, shall Insay will be! Sadly, due to unexpected shocking news just before recording. We had to delay to cookie cast! Yet, info will still be right here. Have no fear! And, for next baking holiday.. we will link a fun baking podcast, right here:).

In the meantime, I will share stories and this recipe for you.

This recipe was born for 3 reasons. 1. We were having our annual holiday tree trimming party and always like to share cookies with our guests. 2. Having gluten free options that dont taste healthy and gluten free is important to me as many are sensitive of off gluten completely! 3. Because I discovered we would have over 10 kids and twice that amount imof adults.. and I wanted to put ut something calming from our garden and add another abundance recipe to my book!

What is an abundance recipe? Well, sknce the day my husband was unexpectedly fired from his job, I started doing dauky, then weekly abundance recipes to attract just taht into our lives. Time, love, money, choices, friends and more are focused on was I sing a sort of anundance song I made up as I measure stir etc. The idea is that this intention goes out not inly yo us, but to all who eat it. As well, I work intuitively as I add ingredients witjout over thinking it. The book is planned to come out in 2019 and today I will share one recipe with you all!

Lemon lavendar gluten free butter cookies.

High quality organic (bio) ingredients always used, when possible. Abd, good mood abd intention a necessary ingredient each time.

Supplies: 2 large/medium large mixing bowls

Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

Mixer ( standing or other if preferred)

Rubber spatula


Mixing spoons


2-3 cookie sheets

Parchment paper

Rolling pin

Cookie cutters you love

Large zip bag

*As many of same in kid sized tools for kids to participate


1 1/2 Cups Butter left at room temp

1 Cup granulated sugar


1 egg

Lemon extract or essential oil

Cups Gluten free flour of your choice

Fresh or dried lavendar

1/2 teaspoon Salt (a bit extra if usung unsalted butter)

*Instructions will come as the podcast is on the way, before Easter.

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