What is Imperfect Parenting? – IP Podcast Episode 1 – thoughts and more

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Imperfect Parenting Podcast

What is Imperfect Parenting?

Imperfect parenting is all of us. Its me. Its you. Its what needs to be said. Conversations, moments and experiences looking for a voice, to be heard, to give others piece of mind, a laugh, a cry and exhale.

Who are our experts? YOU! US! All wonderfully imperfect parents, imperfect teachers, imperfect caregivers and more. Those of you who have touched our lives find their way to the podcast, blog and what this IP Community is creating each day; “GREATER UNDERSTANDING”.

Why do we care?

Each of us are doing our best (most of the time) and intuitively are and will make the right choices, according to our values, for us. We just need the confidence to trust ourselves and hear others, yet ultimately do what is right for OUR families, without feeling the need to justify anything!

Blah, dynamic, asleep, awake, mindful, conscious, unconscious, boring, crazy, regular, young, old, weird, cool, hip whatever kind of person you are..come listen, participate, comment, enjoy, love and hate us..

Sharing stories, reminds us of all the possibilities and that “right” comes in many forms according to who you are, where you grew up, where you lived/live, traveled and whatever else has shaped you/us.

Our passion is to create unity where now there is often separation. Judgement and frustration drain our energies resources, already too low. We are sharing world stories, world cultures, values, beliefs and moments that relate to YOU, for you.

We have been hearing too many of us suffering over what this expert or that says is the right way to be, parent and teach/learn, feed and so on. And, as well between all us parents.. a lot of the same!

We are working toward all of us regaining energy, confidence and power, tbrough learning to trust our intuitive choices and parent in the right way for our own families.

The side effects of this project might be to sometimes entertain, inspire, help you be more creative or less. This is your podcast, do as you will with it.

International expat, multi-cultural, native to your country or not, most of us are a mix of various countries or are around, effected and influenced and even annoyed by various cultures and people around. Here, we hope to create some “aha moments”.

Write in and let us know one of your stories you would like to share! Comment on podcasts and blogs. Let us know what is effecting you and what is disrupting your world joyfully and in the worse ways.

Have a lovely imperfect day!

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