About us

Hey!  The Swede and Californian, here (and our little, Czech-Cali-Swedie girl.).

We’re shifting you from “madness” to “you got this!”

These days, there’s A LOT of reassessment bubbling around.

How you want to work, be and create, in this world in a way that fits your true you and the values that drive you forward and bring you joy and fulfillment.

Our part in that.. is about remembering what “IS” Possible, when the clear path through isn’t yet seen.

Moving you from what the f-ck is happening in my life, right now?! to..pre-parenting, beyond “the Norm” of parenting overwhelm with work, transitions, organization, fertility challenges and more is what we’re here for.

And, through podcasts, youtube videos, amazing guest stories, imperfect parent coaching, programs, and more we’re helping you to unfold into your best life:)..

You deserve that.

You have to keep being you on your path to greater parent health and vitality!! Empathy!  Inspiration!  New energy! Death of old patterns and stuck old stories.

Understanding self..and your children to ease stress and daily madness..

We’re growing ourselves as we do the same for you by sharing world parenting, ideas, activities and entrepreneur stories and ideas, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Mats and I can’t stop tripping over crap on the floor and getting trapped in other parents’ assumptions and our own expectations. 

As European life echos behind us, and we grow our world in Northern California (through all the unexpected transitions)..

New things emerge and we breathe into Imperfect Parenting as Swede and Northern Californian, in the best way possible.

We’ve decided to keep experimenting and showing up live in NEW ways for YOU to keep evolving TOGETHER.

Whatever, this next year brings, is ultimately up to you! We know.. you have something that you’re meant to contribute to the world and you can’t do that, if you’re burned out and overwhelmed. So, we’ll keep putting out some fails and successes and offering coaching through the podcast, videos, programs and sometimes more, so you get to where you’re meant to be.

You.. just keep showing up, not just for us, but ultimately, for YOU!:)..

Have a Beautifully Imperfect Day!