What if you had one mom do over? Jana Chan

Creative costume!

Sometimes, creativity in parenting is deeply about deepening our understanding of selves, re-orienting the moment to support your kids growth, joy and ever expanding experience of the world.

What looks like daily life to someone on the outside, is a carefully knitted , full color experience, drawn together by a parents awareness of their own child, connected by their own intentions and the intuitive path a parent is naturally on.

Re-connecting with family on Czech

Maybe a part of you has few regrets, realizing your kids chose YOU to grow with and experience the world you would provide.

Other times, you might reflect back, in that ever so clear rearview mirror and wish for a do over.

We can be pretty hard on ourselves. Too hard. If only we felt our own wisdom, with all the fullness it has to offer. Jana reflects on this.. and gets us thinking.. “What if….”

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It’s never too late to be mindful. When you make space for you, you make space for what awaits creating. You create space to allow the best version of self which ripples out to self and the world.

Have a beautifully imperfect day.

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