Imperfect Parenting.. the beginning..

Imperfect Parenting was born screaming and laughing all at once.

Is there such a thing as perfect partnership and family?

Uh, no.

Long, long ago….

Yet, It truly all began long, long ago when I was a young girl, journaling a lot.  I found myself aware of those around and constantly taking notes about dos and don’t for the “future”, wanting to create the “perfect” partnership and family.  I created “life books” with all kinds of curious things noted down and was sure life would be everything I imagined, thanks to these scribbled bits over my lifetime.

Many years later. Well, OK.. many, many years later, I found this perfection was really driving me mad. And, I wasn’t the only one.  In fact, I had more then a few boyfriends tell me it was impossible to live up to my idea of living and more. But, those are stories for another day.  This persisted for years, yet the necessary shift only started some years before meeting Mats (current husband).  Various talks, workshops and aha moments and harsh smash down and happy float up times, later.. things moved..

When I became a bonus mom the shit really hit the fan. Me working from my heart to be the perfect step mom. The reaction was less than ideal, to say the least. Even when all went right, it went wrong.

And, when I became a biological mom, it all went full force!  As I write constantly, somewhere in that crazy time between Ella being 7 months and a year.. “Imperfect Parenting” was born. I realized all the expectations I had for self and others were truly impossible. Or, nearly impossible.  And, though my core values were firmly in place, clearly some adjustments were necessary.

Oh the judgement  

I listened to myself and countless other parents, though often mothers..simply torturing themselves (and each others.. and me!) about all the shoulds and shouldn’ts from books, core values, doctors and various experts and more, until finally I had, had enough of the stress. It was time to create a space where we could exhale, say fuck it and be REAL. No more “unspoken”, no more silence.

So, here we are.

Join us for a unfiltered Podcast-conversations from around the world. I am sure most of you already know and can exhale into as you here that you are not alone.

Views from all sides of the family Follow ups and more.

We hope there will be as much laughter, tears and exhales for you as there were and are for us as we recorded.

Here in the blog you will get some more tidbits and fill ins, photos and more from the podcasts. As well you will find more on social media: Twitter, Instagram and Tumbler and more will give an even more vivid picture of each episode and all that happens between.